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Autumn Blaze Maple

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USDA Zones 4-9
Ships Fall 2022

Product Description

Autumn Blaze Maple 

 The Autumn Blaze maple trees, Acer x freemanii, are known for their fast growth, and their leaves will burst with vibrant colors. They will grow relatively high and are not prey to insects, diseases, and various other pets. If you grow An Autumn Blaze Maple, you will find a piece of both of their parents within them. They are stunning trees because they have blended extraordinary traits into one tree. They are so popular because they have weaved in the very best attributes of both parents. They have an outstanding balance in branching habits while exploding with vibrant colors during the autumn season, like the red maple. They are similar to the silver maple:

 * a drought tolerance

 * characteristic bark

 * lacy leaves

 The bark will be smooth when it is younger, and it will develop ridges as it ages and matures. The Autumn Blaze Maple offers added beauty to an environment and is appealing in any landscape setting.


How to Plant the Autumn Blaze Maple and Spacing

 The Autumn Blaze Maple ought to be planted in a space that can offer the following:

 * well-drained soil

 * fertile soil

 * most soil

 It will be essential to dig the hole for the planting, five times as wide as the root ball. Some will have profound tap roots. They can fully thrive, with their roots, closer to the surface. It may need to be only three times as wide. It ought to be the same depth. The roots can spread up to 25 feet. Consider the spacing; when planting, there should be at least 40 feet allowed. This is referring to the spacing of the canopy. Without the proper spacing, the soil may become compromised. This maple will need deep and strong roots to remain sturdy and upright in harsher weather. The root systems will be steady and secure with the right amount of spacing. They will spread their roots horizontally. This maple spreads out in this direction because it will search for moisture and needed nutrients. If the trees are planted too close to each other, competition will arise, and there may be stunted growth because one will not get the right amount of nourishment. 


Needed Care

 It is a good idea to plant an Autumn Blaze Maple in the spring or fall season. There ought to be full sunlight in the space. Once it's planted, you are going to need to flood it with water. This needs to be done during the first season of growth. When your tree becomes established, it will become drought tolerant. Your tree will quickly mature, and you'll only need to keep the soil damp afterward. Some choose to prune their Autumn Blaze Maple tree in the winter months. The pruning tends to extend the life of this tree, and it can enhance the entire structure. Some will recommend pruning every six years or less to keep it vibrant and incorporate new life. 


Benefits to a Landscape using the Autumn Blaze Maple

 The Autumn Blaze Maple will enhance any landscape by providing vibrant colors in the fall season. This is a very durable tree, and you can count on it growing in most soil types. This tree will thrive in moist areas of an environment. It will do well in dry conditions too. The benefits are many, and the added beauty can be breathtaking. You can expect to have a low-maintenance hardy tree for years to come. This rapidly growing tree will provide a nice shaded area too. Many people love the Autumn Blaze Maple because they spend little time maintaining it, and this is a long-term benefit worth investing in. The Autumn Blaze Maple is a non-native cultivar. 


The Autumn Blaze Maple ships bare root and is 2-3' tall at time of shipment.

  • USDA Zones 4-9
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