Benefits of Growing a Moss Garden

Benefits of Growing a Moss Garden

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but nothing compares to a gorgeous landscape design to accentuate the outdoors of your home or office. Their plant and decoration variables are innumerable. Of course, some flora grows best in particular settings, so that plays a part in your ultimate landscaping decision. One innovative idea to spruce up your yard is moss.

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What Is Moss?
Moss is a unique kind of plant that reproduces with spores, not seeds. It's generally a bright, vibrant green color and soft to the touch. Nature's carpet, as I like to call it. It doesn't grow up so much as out, spreading elegantly along the ground.

Why You'd Want to Moss Up Your Garden

Moss not only brings a remarkable addition to your garden with its gorgeous color and distinctive, soft leaves but can be truly beneficial to you and the environment. It is simple, not requiring any chemicals to boost growth. Fewer chemicals on your plants and yard mean fewer chemicals to worry about ingesting in our bodies and less harsh chemicals in the water system.


Erosion Eradicator
Water is essential to life, yet it can be destructive to bare soil, eroding with every rainfall or watering. A moss garden can cover the exposed areas and protect the land underneath from eroding by locking into it. Adding moss can keep your garden right where you want it to stay, preventing muddy spots or slides.

Removes Toxins
Moss is a natural filter of air, ground, and water. Carbon dioxide is removed from the air very effectively. Some species have tested well in filtering out toxins from wastewater and moss gardens clean out harmful agents from the soil as well. It is a natural toxin remover.

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Can Grow Where Others Cannot
Another excellent characteristic of moss is that it can grow in locations that other plants can't. It thrives in shady, moist areas and can even improve on trees and rocks. So if you have a spot that, no matter how much grass seed you throw out, won't grow, moss can handle the job.

Whether you add moss sporadically, sprinkling in flecks of soft green in between flowers or cascading down stone steps, or you opt for an all-out, strictly-moss effect, and it is guaranteed to dazzle. It brings that summer green color all year round to the locale of your choosing. Its softness is visible as well as tangible. Moss gardens aren't overdone like many common plants. It's a phenomenal way to get your garden or yard to stand above the rest.

When designing your outdoor area, consider adding a moss garden and all the benefits you will see from it. Several species bringing different looks can be purchased in a carpet form. This allows easy DIY planting. Or you can have it done professionally. Moss is well worth using whether it is a new idea or something you are expanding on. Quickly make your outdoors beautiful, safe and fresh with moss.