Create Your own Backyard Escape

Create an Escape in Your Own Backyard

Looking for a good quarantine DIY? Consider revamping your backyard. Although many areas are opening back up, medical experts continue to emphasize the importance of social distancing. As a result, many of us will still be spending the majority of our time at home. We don’t have to succumb to cabin fever — the answer is right out your back door! Here are some resources you can use to get inspiration for your backyard project:

A Children’s Dream Yard

Kids deserve a place to run, play, and imagine. Here’s how to make a play-focused backyard.

  • Make sure there’s a wide, flat area that kids can use for everything from cloud watching to tag to big, messy science experiments.
  • Look into ways to add shading to ensure your kids don’t get overheated on hot days.
  • Installing a playset is a great way to make up for closed-down parks.

Your Secret Garden

A botanical oasis is waiting for you.

  • There are plenty of ways for beginners to get into gardening.
  • Not only will it make your yard beautiful, but it’s also good for your mind and body.
  • Native flowers, shrubs, and ground cover support your local ecosystem.
  • Food gardening is a great way to get the freshest possible produce.

The Party Spot

When the COVID-19 threat has passed, you can show off a party-worthy backyard!

  • Outdoor string lights give your yard a fantastic late-night vibe.
  • Build a fire pit to safely host bonfires.
  • There are tons of DIY and repurposing projects that can enhance your backyard look.

Your yard gives you a place to relax, unwind, and spend time with your loved ones. In a time marked with stress and lots of cabin fever, making that space as great as possible is a worthy pursuit. Save these ideas and use them to turn your yard into the escape you deserve!