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Dawn Redwood

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USDA Zones 4-8
Ships late October 2023

Product Description

The Dawn Redwood Tree 3-4'

The world knew the dawn redwood tree, Metasequoia glyptostroboide, only by its fossil up to 1941 as it was thought to be an extinct species for millions of years. Then it was found to be growing in a remote area in China in 1941. Seeds were collected in 1947 by the Arnold Arboretum distributed around the world. The tree is so important to the Chinese people. They regard the dawn redwood as a national treasure that is second only to the panda. 

How and where it grows best. 

 The dawn redwood tree can grow in a wide range of conditions.

The Dawn Redwood is a versatile plant growing better in moist conditions and grows in loamy, acidic, sandy, well-drained, wet, and clay soil. It can tolerate some flooding as well as withstand some drought conditions. But it is better to avoid dry soil as it will slow its growth and make the foliage brown and causing it to fall in summer. This redwood tree will not need any pruning if you plant it in the right place. Pruning will not work well with this tree as it does with most other plants. 

 The dawn redwood is a fast-growing tree. The ideal conditions for its growth include direct sunshine for at least six hours each day. It gains a height increase at a rate of more than 24 inches a year. And it grows 70 to 100 feet with a spread of about 25 feet when it is mature. When this tree is young, it has the neat shape of a pyramid. In maturity, it has a more rounded crown.

 Why gardeners and homeowners need this tree.

 Dawn Redwood is a deciduous, coniferous tree and produces small, round cones. Its bright green and feathery leaves change to an orange or reddish-brown during the fall. 

 This tree is one of the fastest-growing that homeowners and gardeners can get. And it is easy to transplant and easy to grow. It likes the full sunshine and prefers soil that is moist and well-drained. You will need to plant it early in the fall so that the roots can gain strength. If it is well-rooted, it will not need a lot of maintenance.

 Homeowners and gardeners may need the dawn redwood in their garden or landscape. This is so because it can be one of the most beautiful trees. It will make an excellent addition to any garden or landscape if you have a suitable area to plant it. You will need a place that can use a tree that grows as large as the dawn redwood. 

Dawn Redwood tree for sale online.

 So, if, as a homeowner, you have a large space and want it covered with a beautiful tree, you will need to get one of these trees. This tree looks like a regular evergreen tree when it is growing. It flourishes with soft green needle-like foliage. Its lush needles, graceful pyramid shape, and elegant branches all add to the beauty of this tree. This is enhanced when the foliage changes to red in autumn. The changes make it a colorful tree before the leaves fall from its branches. The tree will give an elegant, soft look to a yard or landscape. 

 Apart from this redwood tree's beauty, it will also serve to give shade to a yard or landscape. Its lush foliage can also give patios, decks, and other outdoor areas some seclusion. So, if you need some privacy during the spring and summertime, it will serve you well. Its purposeful placement can help shade your home from the heat of the sun. And so, reduce the need for air conditioning.

 These are good reasons why homeowners and gardeners will want the dawn redwood tree in their garden or as part of the landscape.


The Dawn Redwood Tree is shipped bare root.

  • USDA Zones 4-8
  • my zone
Growing Zones:
  • Color: Red, Orange, Green
  • Season: All Year
  • Height: 3-4 Feet
  • Exposure: Full Sun
  • Ships As: Bare Root
  • Warranty: 30 Days
Customer Reviews
5.0 Based on 4 reviews
  • 5
    Dawn Redwood

    Apr 13, 2022 Reviewer: Aaron M

    Trees shipped fast and arrived expertly packaged. Trees were shipped with moss and “hydro gel” protecting the roots. I was able to unbox healthy trees. The trees are larger than I was expecting ...a nice surprise.

  • 5
    Dawn Redwood

    Mar 18, 2022 Reviewer: Deborah Kerr

    I hadn't been able to locate a local source for this tree, so opted to order from Native Wildflowers and am very happy with the budding start that was shipped. Good communication via email, quick delivery, (from Tennessee to Oregon), and healthy plant, sensitively packaged. It's in the ground, and I definitely recommend the source.!

  • 5
    Dawn Redwood

    Dec 18, 2021 Reviewer: Mark Kielich

    Tree arrived well packaged and in very good condition. It looks healthy with a nice root ball. I am happy with its size, it's in the ground, can't wait for spring. I have grown a dawn redwood before, on a different property, and they are absolutely beautiful. I wish I hade room for more of them.

  • 5
    Red Dawn

    Dec 16, 2021 Reviewer: Marco

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