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Fast Growing Trees

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Fast Growing trees taking years off curbside appeal! 

Did you know that there are fast-growing trees? Some of the most popular trees sold around the world today are fast-growing. They provide landscapers, community builders, and homeowners the advantage of a tree that looks decades old to grow in a much shorter time frame.

 If you want to spruce up your yard or have a project that needs landscaping love, you or your client have to check out fast-growing trees. When considering fast-growing trees, it's essential to have a plan and using blueprints of the area that need landscaping, and what the trees will be used for, is vital information for you and your client.

 Understanding what tree is best for shade or fruit for your backyard, or maybe you want some more beautiful curbside appeal. Knowledge of the various fast-growing trees is a must; although I'm not here to list out every single fast-growing tree there is, I will discuss a few of what their significant aspects can provide, so you have an idea of what kind of fast-growing trees are, and how they mature.

 Let's start with Freeman's Maple tree. This is a hybrid tree that is a crossbreed of the Red Maple and Silver maple tree. They have beautiful colorful foliage and mature to heights around 60 feet. Thes elegant trees are well known for their attractive leaves changing colors in the fall.

  The second tree I'll mention here is the Hybrid Polar.

This fast-growing tree is disease resistant, so you don't have to worry about common tree diseases like Powdery mildew.

Standing tall, these lush green trees will attract all eyes to any property they are planted in. Additionally, the Hybrid Polar makes for excellent firewood year-round, and they mature around 50 feet in height.

 The Tulip tree is known for and named after it's pretty tulip-like flowers. Although the flowering takes place in the mature stage of its life span, thank goodness she's a fast-growing tree. The Tulip tree brings native hummingbirds and other wildlife to their pretty flowers. It's Maturing heights are around 90 feet.

 Lastly, for our shortlist of fast-growing trees, we have a California native!

The Sycamore trees are some of the most massive California trees maturing to heights of 100 feet. These trees are massive and eye-catching when planted with design, so make sure you have lots of room to spread these guys out! Trust me; they're going to look amazing. 

 Okay, we've covered just a few of the fastest-growing trees and their beautiful assets, so I feel like the benefits of fast-growing trees for homeowners and landscapers looking to spruce up property should highly consider these beauties. Additional Fast-growing trees can grow much faster with proper care and planting, so do your research and remember. 

 " You can't have the fruits without the roots!" ~Quote by Stephen Covey.