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Leyland Cypress

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USDA Zones 6-9
Ships Fall 2022

Product Description

Leyland Cypress Tree

 The Leyland Cypress, Cupressus x leylandii, is a variety of fast-growing coniferous evergreen trees. It is used in landscaping often throughout the world for its ability to provide excellent privacy from view.

 They are hardy plants, and even in areas with poor conditions, they have been known to grow as tall as 50 feet in as little as 16 years. The tree itself is a hybrid tree and rarely reproduces naturally. They are mainly propagated by hand through cuttings.

 Most Desirable Characteristics Of The Leyland Cypress Tree

 If you consider purchasing some new trees for your landscaping project, you should consider one of the Leyland Cypress trees. These trees are perfect for almost any occasion. 

 If you live in an area where this tree will survive, which is practically the entire United States, these trees will be desirable for their unique combination of traits and characteristics. As a hybrid organism, it has been bred to display these traits because they are desirable.

 Leyland Cypress Great, Affordable, Fast Growing Privacy Evergreen

 If you want to have privacy from your neighbors, you do not want an inorganic fence, but you do not want to waste a ton of money installing rows of hedges that these trees are the perfect solution. The Leyland evergreen tree grows very thick in the low to the ground. 

 This makes them especially useful as a potential privacy fence. They are one of the most valuable plants you can use in your landscaping project because of their affordability and fast growth rate. You will be able to have privacy within a short time after you plant these trees.

 Explosive Growth From The Second Year And Beyond

 Many trees used in landscaping do not noticeably grow during the entire first year they are planted. The Leyland Cypress is not one of those trees. You will notice that it is growing within the first year of owning it. 

 After the first year, it will become even more noticeable. The Leyland Cypress is mainly well known for its surprisingly explosive rate of growth exhibited after the second year of life. It continues until he reaches its full adult height, which is often over 50 feet tall if the conditions are right. 

 The Cypress trees naturally grow for as long as ten years or more. 

 Great For Creating Privacy Fences

 These trees take up space like no other. If you need to have something to put between you and your neighbor, then these trees are one of the greatest options you can choose if you're looking for something in an eyesore. 

 If you want to improve your property's value by planting some of the most beautiful trees, you can imagine. Still, you also want to have the added privacy that a privacy fence would have provided you, then these trees represent the absolute best compromise you can make.

 You'll get the best of both worlds. Your property will look more beautiful because of the ardent greenery that is greasing your land. Still, you will also have the seclusion and privacy afforded by the tree's formidable presence.

 Naturally Takes The Familiar Christmas Tree Shape

 These trees are well known for the familiar shape they grow into naturally. You'll recognize these as Christmas trees as soon as you see them.

The Leyland Cypress is a non-native tree and is shipped bare root.

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