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Mr. Bowling Ball Arborvitae

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Product Description

Mr. Bowling Ball Arborvitae

Mr. Bowling Ball, Thuja occidentalis, helps to offer you a perfect chance to define your personality while beautifying your home. It also permits you to exploit your hobbies as home decorating takes varied approaches. If you are a homeowner, you need to select your preferred style of décor with a unique appeal. Whether simple or complex, the formation of that perfect surrounding should stand out. If you are a nature fanatic, the easiest way to begin is by growing Mr. Bowling Ball in your home background. This unique plant is an attractive charm with unusual characteristics in shape, size, and color. Your home will turn into stunning scenery.

 The marvels of Mr. Bowling Ball arborvitae

 It is among the well-known attractive shrubs with a curvy structure reducing the maintenance expenses of pruning. It has a perky look, rounded like a ball and compact in shape. If you miss it within the nursery centers, the convenient way is to order it online. Mr. Bowling Ball's arborvitae name draws its roots from North America, where it grows as a native shrub in a naturally compact form. Historically, the early settlers used their leaves to prepare tea as it was rich in vitamin C that reduced scurvy infections. Also known as Bobozam arborvitae, this shrub matures to a height of approximately 1m with a similar width. As it grows, the bright evergreen vegetation whirls into a round form with a soft lacelike texture. Its back goes unnoticed as the shrub grows adjacent to the ground hence covering it's rearview leaving it gray with red folds. 

 Growing Mr. Bowling Ball arborvitae is simple.

 Apart from branding a perfect sphere in your small garden, this shrub grows and adapts easily to various well-drained soil structures inclusive of hard clay. It grows with enough sunshine and thrives well in moist areas with an alkaline PH level. They can also act as attractive hedges fitting as specimen plants, windbreakers, or foundation plantings. Furthermore, they require less maintenance since you prune only once during the onset of springtime before they start new growth. However, you can trim the arborvitae twigs' budding ends to enhance their shape and enhance filled foliage. The right time to clip off a few growing buds from the crowded branches is before the onset of the spring season. Mr. Bowling Ball arborvitae can also resist short term phases of drought so that even the winter season rarely reduces the glorious foliage density.

 Why you need Mr. Bowling Ball arborvitae

 It leaves no doubt this shrub is a must-have for every owner owing to its unique and savvy characteristics. Here are some reasons why you need this all-time home asset: 

  • It is pest and disease resistant and will therefore save on your maintenance costs.

 • Apart from growing under full sunlight, it can still thrive under partial shade.

 • It is the ultimate fit for rock gardens, borders, containers, and beds.

 • The shrub grows gradually 3m in height and width.

 • The plant maintains an attractive grayish-green dark vegetation the whole year.

 • It is ideal for landscape applications for garden use, mass planting, container planting, and rock gardens.

 • It is resistant to urban pollution, though it does well in an enclosed location.

 • It is the right ornamentation for an open-air landscape when used in pots and containers.

 • It will not require clipping, yet it creates an exclusive sphere throughout.

 • It occupies little space.

 These beautiful shrubs are grown by licensed specialists who use their stem pieces to root them for seamless genetic continuity. You can be assured of these green round balls in your garden. Mr. Bowling Ball has gained huge reception everywhere when planting, dig a deeper and broader hole like the root system, and add topsoil as back-fill to reduce the chances of rotting on the root system. Now that you know: Feel free to order these attractive green round balls.


The Mr. Bowling Ball Arborvitae is shipped bareroot.




  • USDA Zones 3-7
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