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Pink Spirea

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USDA Zones 4-8
Ships Late November 2022

Product Description

Pink Spirea

The Pink Spirea, Spiraea japonica, is a hardy shrub that grows well in zones 4-8. This shrub is shipped bare root and is 1-2 feet tall at shipment. One of the most beautiful plants you will ever see is this shrub. Not only are they incredibly easy to grow but they bloom differently in the spring and the summer. In the spring these flowering shrubs are adorned with gorgeous clusters of pure white flowers. The flowers cascade in a delicate arch on the branches and bring the shrubs charm and grace. The summer produces glorious pink blooms in a fantastic hue that brightens any setting. The blossoms multiply and are highly prized for their lovely shape and beautiful flowers.


Why Would A Shrub Pink Spirea Spice Up Your Garden? 


Gardens are mysterious and glorious at the same time. They can show a barrage of colors and enhance the environment around you while allowing you to retrieve a sense of serenity. It is highly essential when planning your luscious garden to plant the right foliage that will fit your style and become beneficial to your home. A pink spirea shrub is one of the most sought after plants that add spice and fantastic accents to any home garden.


Buy Affordable Pink Spirea Shrubs Online

 Pink spireas are a large-mass plant that is grouped in the shrub and rose family. They are attractive and can fit in many areas, including containers. Some can make ideal ornaments. At the same time, others offer ground busy like coverings. If the spirea is placed in compounded areas, it can grow up to 3’ high and have a 5’ spread of pure gratification. However, the average size can range from 1 to 8’ tall and 6’ wide. They can make high informal hedges and borders or add a heightened emphasis of vibrancy to any home garden. Pink spireas come in a variety of colors, and the pink flowers that bloom are always a delight to have in your garden. The flowers will change color over the season, allowing you to see the light pink to deep rich pink. The leaves that stem from the pant resemble similar looks of a birch tree and change colors through the season. The average time that the pink spirea will flourish is from April to November. And the show that these plants give off during their life span is well worth having in any garden that needs a little more spice.


 Pink Spireas are easy to maintain and usually only require a small amount of trimming and pruning when the leaves start to expand. They like being in full sun and in zones that can drain adequately. However, they are still capable of handling shaded areas and can maintain themselves with nutrients. Once they are planted and deep-rooted (around a year) into your garden, they do not require a lot of excess water. Overall the pink spirea is a phenomenal plant choice to have in your garden. They attract a combination of unique butterflies and hovering bees that increase environmental growth, which will make any garden flourish with excitement and wonder. Any homeowner who chooses to add the pink spirea shrub to their landscape will add extraordinary spice and a treasure-booming admiration to their garden. Therefore, get your spirited and vibrant pink shrub today to enhance the appeal of your garden.


Pink spirea will add a delightful presence as a backdrop to your perennial garden, and it is incredible when used as an accent against the front of your home.

They also work very well as hedges and add a sense of style and flair to their surroundings. These flowering shrubs add beauty and charm with their cascades of vibrant colors. The foliage on this shrubs is a lush and vibrant green and the perfect setting for the incredible groupings of flowers that grow in abundance all over the bushes. The pink spirea is favored by both beginner and advanced gardeners because they thrive in light or shade and are so easy to care.


The Pink Spirea is shipped bare root.


  • USDA Zones 4-8
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    Great condition!

    Mar 21, 2022 Reviewer: Jasper

    The plant arrives in excellent condition, and it's a lot bigger than I expected!