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Red Maple Live Stakes

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USDA Zones 3-9

Product Description

Red Maple Live Stake Cuttings - Acer Rubrum


Red Maple Live Stakes Will Add Color to your Landscaping
A red maple live stake will grow into a versatile tree that provides shade, is pest and disease resistant, and displays an exciting change of color during the year. By planting affordable live stakes purchased from a tree nursery, you can easily add visual interest to your landscaping projects. These majestic trees can tolerate most soil conditions and temperatures, making them an almost foolproof choice for a low maintenance addition to your yard.

 Red Maple the fast-growing tree does best when planted in medium soil and full sun, but it can tolerate an array of conditions.

It can be planted in zones 3-9 and will perform wonderfully in the colder climates of the north. Growing up to three feet a year, the live stakes, sometimes called a cutting, will typically reach about 50 feet in height, though some old specimens can grow much higher.

 In spring, the branches will burst forth with bright red buds that open to reveal red flowers. These flowers will later create a winged seed, called samaras, that is mesmerizing to watch as they flutter down through the branches. This tree shines in the fall when its leaves change into glorious shades of orange and red and add a bright pop of color to your yard.

 The root system is shallow, so until more established it's suggested not to plant Red Maple live stakes close to driveways, sidewalks or foundations. It's best to plant them where they will have plenty of space to grow into full maturity. The beautiful shade created by the red maple will cool a large area, making your yard more enjoyable.

 You can't go wrong when adding a red maple live stake to your list when it's time to shop for a beautiful and extremely hardy tree that will add interest to your landscape for years to come.

 Red Maple is one of the most popular and common trees in the Eastern US.

These live stake cuttings are great for many landscaping projects. This tree can grow in many different soil, water and habbitats. Red Maple live stakes are freshly cuts before shipping.

  • USDA Zones 3-9
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