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Reindeer Moss

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Product Description

Reindeer Moss

Reindeer lichen moss is a superior product that is the perfect covering for soil and dressing container plants. It is both cleaner and has less dust than other types of moss. It is a beautiful and useful covering for plant beds and other landscaping projects.

This moss is not a true moss but rather a lichen. Its scientific name is Cladonia Rangiferina, and it is a member of the fungi group of plants. It is light in color and grows exceptionally well in hot or cold climates. It is found most commonly in tundra environments where it is almost impervious to cold. It is often referred to as caribou moss or deer moss, as these animals eat it.

In the wild reindeer lichen is slow growing and hardy. The plant can be harvested for use by landscapers and gardeners, providing cover for garden beds and container plants as well as beautifying the landscape. It has been a welcome addition to home gardeners and landscapers and is in extensive use by both amateurs and professionals.

Because reindeer lichen moss is low in dust, it is ideal to work within a home garden.

It can go long periods without water and will revive quickly once moisture is resumed. It grows best in humus soil. Though its growth is slow, it is hardy in most climates.

This moss is prized by crafters as well as gardeners, as it is easy to use. It is often used in terrariums. The preserved moss is long-lasting and can be used in decor or floral projects. It can also be dyed to coordinate with crafting projects.

This is a beautiful plant for the gardener and landscaper. The preserved moss is an adaptable product for the crafter as well as those looking to find the perfect base for a terrarium or other project.

Reindeer Lichen Moss is sold by the square foot

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Customer Reviews
5.0 Based on 4 reviews
  • 5
    I was so suprised at how this lichen looked when it arrived

    23rd Feb 2020 Reviewer: Customer Purchased 2-20

    If you know anything about moss you know this Reindeer lichen is a little different. I was so impressed by how well it looked. I was moist and healthy. I would absolutely buy again as my needs see fit. It preserves well. Hard to find and easy to maintain.

  • 5
    Reindeer Lichen worked out great

    13th Feb 2020 Reviewer: Tim

    We liked it. It was good and worked great for our needs.

  • 5
    arrived fast

    13th Feb 2020 Reviewer: Customer

    arrived quick and was good and ready to plant

  • 5
    So fresh

    17th Dec 2018 Reviewer: Jackie

    I love this. It is fresh and moist. Super pleased!

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