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Sugar Maple Seedlings

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USDA Zones 3-8
Ships Late November 2022

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Sugar Maple Seedlings - Acer Saccharum


Sugar maple seedlings are widely prevalent in Canada and the midwestern and northern United States. This young tree commonly fills up hardwood forests in plant hardiness zones 3-8 and grows at the slow rate of 8-14" per year. They grow slowly, but steadily, to reach the mature height of up to 70' tall and a spread of up to 45' wide. Sugar Maple seedlings will thrive in a variety of soils, including clay, loamy, or sandy soils. Soil conditions are most suitable if well-drained and average to moist.

Sugar Maple Seedlings will also survive in a variety of sun exposures that range from full shade to full sun.

If planting while it is still a seedling is the intention, the plant should be protected from wildlife. Deer often take a liking to these young trees and may damage them beyond repair or kill them entirely. While protective measure should be taken during its seedling stage, its full-grown stage will attract various wildlife like rabbits, moose, and different types of squirrels. Although it grows to be rather large, the seedling form of this tree is somewhat fragile and vulnerable. Its roots spread shallowly under the soil, so they may be injured from heavy types of machinery like riding lawn mowers. Once it reaches maturity, this tree will provide dazzling fall colors and ample shade for a landscape. Many choose to use the mature tree's wood for lumber, its sap for maple syrup, or its height and width for shade on a hot summer day. This species of maple is the state tree of Wisconsin, New York, Vermont, and West Virginia and its wood has been used to create the NBA's expansive gym floors. It also produces some of the best firewood that splits the easiest, burns the longest, and results in ash that can be used for fertilizer. Orange leaves in Autumn for beautiful showy foliage.

Sugar Maple Seedlings ship bare root during Winter through mid Spring.

  • USDA Zones 3-8
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