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Weeping Cherry 6-12"

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USDA Zones 4-9
Ships Fall 2022

Product Description

Weeping Cherry Tree

Where Weeping Cherry Trees Grow

In the United States, the USDA says weeping cherry trees grow best in zones 5 through 8. Some experts also think they can be planted in zone 9, like Northern Florida. Unfortunately, these trees are not hardy enough to do well in the colder zones 1-4, which means north-central states and Northern New England.

Choosing and Planting Your Weeping Cherry Tree

Weeping cherry trees come in dwarf, which grows only to about eight feet high, and the full-size variety, which could eventually reach as high as 25- 40 feet. Some larger cultivars grow up to a foot per year and others much more slowly, so bear that in mind when choosing your trees. These trees like full sunlight or partial shade and good air circulation, so planting them in the middle of a front or back yard is ideal. Good air circulation can help prevent blossom rot and disease. Weeping cherry trees like well-drained soil to avoid root rot, so it's best not to plant them in low-lying areas in your yard.

To plant a weeping cherry, you need a hole as deep as the root ball but two or three times the ball's measurement for width. After placing the tree, it's best to fill the hole halfway and water. Let the water drain thoroughly before adding the rest of the soil. You can add some organic mulch at the top. Every spring, you can add slow-release fertilizer like compost or manure around the base of the tree to provide nutrients. Water the new planting weekly until the tree is established. Be careful with pesticides. It's important not to use them when there are blossoms or fruit because of the danger that the tree will attract butterflies and birds.

The weeping cherry trees with their pink or white blossoms are gorgeous to behold when they bloom in the spring. The hanging branches, swaying gracefully in the breeze, are wonderful to see at any time of year. Adding a weeping cherry tree to your yard will give your yard a focal point like no other, and you and your family will enjoy it for many years. Depending on the variety, these trees live for between 15 and 20 years.


  • USDA Zones 4-9
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    Can't Wait

    Apr 13, 2022 Reviewer: Victoria Rougeux

    My order arrived quickly. I ordered 2 of these trees and they both came with the top tips broken off. I planted them anyway. I think the one will make it as new leaves are coming on, but the other one just looks like a little twig. I hope it makes it. I cannot wait to see how they come out. #soexcited