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White Oak Seedlings

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USDA Zones 3-9
Ships Late November 2022

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White Oak Seedlings

White oak trees, Quercus alba, make an excellent addition to any yard or landscape. They grow into a beautiful shape with no pruning, provide delightful shade in the summer, and in autumn they will lose their leaves in a gentle shower of gold, brown, and red. They reproduce when planted as seedlings, and successfully planting white oaks is more comfortable than many people think.

When deciding where you’ll plant your seedling, consider how large it will become once mature. It will need room to extend its roots, so avoid planting near sidewalks, roads, or buildings.

White oaks will grow over 100 feet tall, so make sure there are no overhead power lines.

Once you’ve selected the right spot, start digging! You won’t have to dig too thick, just enough that the potting soil surrounding the seedling will sit even with the ground once planted. Spread some organic compost in the hole to help jump-start the growing process, then set the root ball into the hole. Try to disturb the roots as little as possible; they will grow strong soon enough but are still delicate at this point. Replace the soil around the roots and gently tamp it down. Water thoroughly to help the soil and roots settle in their new location.

Water regularly. Slow watering is best. Spread two to three inches of mulch around the seedling, but not touching the base, to help lock in moisture. Use a tree guard to protect the seedling from animals like deer, which will happily munch on your new tree.

Follow this advice and your seedling is sure to grow into a beautiful oak tree that you and your family will enjoy for years to come!

All white oak seedlings ship bare root during dormancy (November through April)

  • USDA Zones 3-9
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