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Wild Blackberry

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USDA Zones 3-10
Ships Late Fall 2022

Product Description

Wild Blackberry Bush

Wild blackberry, Rubus fruticosus, plants grow in plant hardiness zones 3-10 (as described by the United States Department of Agriculture). This fruiting plant prefers full sun, without which it will develop slower and produce fewer berries. It prefers neutral to slightly acidic soil that drains well and has high organic content. The plant will grow foliage in the spring, flower and produce berries through the summer and fall (depending on the specific variety) and enter a dormant phase in the winter.

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Flowers need to be pollinated to develop fruit, so plants that are co-localized with other pollinator-attracting plants may yield more fruit. The plant invests energy in producing berries to attract small mammals and birds, which eat the berries, then defecate in disperse locations, spreading the seeds. Plant propagation can be accomplished by taking plant cuttings, stripping leaves from most of the cutting, and planting the cutting in moist potting soil with its remaining leaves protruding from the ground. After their first year of growth, plants should be pruned to encourage overall plant health and increased fruit production. Be careful when harvesting berries from wild blackberry plants as they possess thorns or prickles. Plant leaves are fodder for both caterpillars and deer, and also can be attacked by a wide array of other pests.


Wild Blackberry Plants for Sale

These native shrubs/bushes are found in many areas across the US and are easy to grow. Commonly known for the edible fruit they produce. The berries usually appear in Mid-Summer and are ready to eat as soon, and they turn black. They are great for making a cobbler or eaten alone. The berries are thought to help reduce heart disease and prevent cancer. Fruit will return year after year. The plants are deficient maintenance and super easy to grow. Partial to full sun is needed for best results.

The Blackberry Bushes ship bare root 1-2' tall at the time of shipment and only ship November-April.

  • USDA Zones 3-10
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    Bare Root Wild Blackberry Plants

    Mar 23, 2022 Reviewer: William Beason Haslett

    My wild blackberries arrived in prime condition with roots covered in cold wet plant material. Very healthy looking. Looking forward to many years of delicious berries.

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