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Evergreen Groundcovers

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Evergreen Groundcovers And Their Use 

Evergreen groundcovers are the option for homeowners who like to get creative and liven up their landscapes. Evergreen groundcovers can fill landscapes with serious aesthetic uniqueness while also combating weeds. Adding evergreen groundcovers can also potentially eliminate the need to mow a lawn if it replaces it.

 It is important to note that some evergreen ground covers go dormant through colder climates.

Having a variety of groundcover plants that resist colder temperatures can be beneficial for combating weeds and livening up the garden during the colder seasons when other plants are fully dormant.

  More use for these plants can be found through their fibrous roots, which help stop erosion and their green shoots, which help suppress heavy rain and snow before it hits the ground. Providing enough shade and overwhelming the weeds with its roots makes this plant so strong against weed germination once well established. Ground cover plants also provide shelter to critical insects and pollinators throughout the colder seasons.

 There are many options when it comes to picking out the right groundcover plants for your landscape. The Creeping phlox, for example, is one of the ground plants that flowers and blooms through the growing season. The creeping phlox provides beautiful aesthetics as well as a gold mine for the pollinators. This lovely little six-inch plant that blooms in the spring is exceptionally tolerant and can withstand temperatures down to -40 degrees Fahrenheit.

 Many of these ground plants have similar traits, but some like to act tougher like the vinca minor. The vinca minor, a blooming, deer free, ground plant like the creeping phlox, but the vinca minor likes to take over whole areas of the landscape. This can be very useful if you want more significant regions filled with the same plant.

 Another great, groundcover plant is the evergreen wild ginger. This plant boasts beautiful 6-inch heart-shaped leaves that start with a dark red color and quickly turn green. This is an excellent plant not only for its aesthetic feature but also for it's cooking and health benefits. Used for centuries, this plant is a must-have in your garden.

 There is an abundance of evergreen groundcover plant options available.

These plants can help landscapes deal with weeds and erosion and provide beautiful aesthetic features and provide shelter for insects and pollinators in any garden. It is essential to figure out what plants are suitable for the specific climate the plant will have to live in, but there is almost one hundred percent an evergreen groundcover plant that can serve your garden. With a little research and creativity, all landscapes can be beautifully covered with the correct evergreen groundcover plants.