Native Wildflowers & Perennials is a family owned and operated wholesale nursery located near the heart of the nursery capitol, Mcminnville Tn. We are a fourth generation nursery grower offering excellent prices on affordable native wildflowers perennials, ferns, and wetland plants. We strive to meet the needs of our customer's all over the United States. We are state certified and guarantee you the freshest quality plants delivered and packed in the manner you'd want to send to your customers. We have an extensive availability of plants and trees and can offer you 10,000-20,000 of any one plant with no worries. Our growing and contract availability is enormous, so bulk quantity order isn't a problem with us. We have 14 others we buy from and have growing plants for us also to meet the needs of our clientele.This enables us to offer you more availability and real wholesale deep discounted prices for substantial quantity ordering. We will guarantee you will not find better prices on bulk purchases from another wholesale nursery online or off.