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Native Mosses

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  • Carpet Moss
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    Carpet Moss

    USDA Zones 4-9

  • Reindeer Moss is a low maintenance moss that has light green foliage.
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    Reindeer Moss

    USDA Zones 5-9

  • Ground Fern Moss is thick and grows slowly to cover stumps, paths, walkways, and even rocks.

    Common Fern Moss

    USDA Zones 5-9

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9 Reasons to Grow Native Mosses 

9 Reasons to Grow Native Mosses

To many, moss plants are considered a weed, but they are more than just weeds. Lately, people have been planting moss plants instead of grass. They have even discovered the numerous species of the plant. Mosses are planted for various reasons. There are millions of moss species, and you might need one of them for these reasons. 

Native Mosses Are Easy to Grow

They do not require a lot of attention and activity to plant. Mosses are the perfect plants for a busy household to grow. They are not affected by climate change and remain green all year. Besides, they do not require any tendering and grooming. Therefore, they need minimal effort to style them as desired.

Mosses do not require any chemicals and fertilizers to bloom or mature. This means less pollution, cleaner water to drink and use, and zero toxic material. A moss garden is the safest garden for the universe. Reindeer moss is very unique.

Moss plants Prevent Soil Erosion.

Moss plants do not have roots. They have rhizoids, which are quite long. These rhizoids hold soil particles together to prevent erosion.

Moss Improves Water Retention in Soil

Moss requires very little water to grow. It does not use up water that is meant to be used by other plants. The plants thrive best in the shade. Also, water does not evaporate from them as fast as other plants.

Growing Mosses is Budget Friendly

Mosses do not need a lot of water or fertilizers. Minimal grooming is also required. These plants do not require weeding like other plants. As such, having a moss plant in your garden saves a lot of time and stress.

Moss Plants Attract Lighting Flies

Fireflies are quite a beauty and wonder to watch in the night. However, they are attracted to Mosses bringing beautiful scenery to your backyard. Native mosses are a beauty in the daytime and deliver more in the night time.

Mosses Can Thrive Just About Anywhere

 Moss plants grow on trees and under shades. They can also grow on rocks. However, they do not do well in extremely arid areas. It is wise to plant mosses where no other plants can grow. They do not disappoint. Also, they do not require much water but just dampness that helps the grow excellently.

 Mosses Are Grown in Swampy Areas to Absorb Excess Water

This is done to reclaim the land that was once rendered useless. They also help to control mosquitoes and bad smells that develop from the swamp.

 Mosses Are Very Beautiful in The Garden

It is essential to growing moss plants aesthetically to beautify an area. They grow into a large evergreen carpet. Also, mosses grow in different shades. You should try to apply different designs if art is your thing. The elegant green color brings a feeling of serenity, growth, fertility, and freshness. Sitting or even watching a garden full of moss gets one in touch with nature.

Moss plants grow into a beautiful lawn that will never need mowing, fertilizing, or daily watering. They are versatile, depending on the species. Moss plants are also very absorbent and absorb almost everything in the atmosphere. Carpet moss is one of the best. This includes the harmful toxins and carbon dioxide given off by other plants. Maybe it is time we considered moss a plant rather than just a weed.