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Choosing Bloom Colors
To choose the perfect bloom colors for the flowers in your garden, consider the seasonal timing and establish a color scheme for Spring, Summer, and Fall. You might want bright pinks and purples for spring, yellows, oranges for summer, and dark reds, yellows, and oranges for fall. On the other hand, you might want a rainbow of color throughout the three flower seasons.
Since some flowers continue to blossom throughout the spring and summer and others summer and fall, it can take some thought and planning to get the color schemes you want for each season. When developing your master plan, you should keep the flowering periods for each plant in mind and remember what greenery will surround your flowers during the blooming months. Choose colors for any flowers that transition from season to season to work in both color schemes.
Blues, Purples, and Whites in Spring
Let's say you decide you want spring flowers in blues, purples, and whites. Phlox, an excellent ground cover, comes up in the spring and lasts all summer long. Some are deep purple, but there are also Drummonds Pink Phlox Subulata. If you choose the purple, you could combine them with Virginia Blue Bells, perennials that come up in early spring. Hepatica comes up in early spring and maybe blue or lavender. Another spring flower in the blue to the purple range is the dwarf crested iris. To provide contrast, during the early spring, you could plant Doll's Eye, also called White Baneberry, an herbaceous perennial with white flowers. They grow to be 2 feet tall, and the white fruit with the black dot in the middle ( hence the doll's eye name) lasts into the summer.

Reds, Pinks or Oranges and Whites in Summer
For summer, add some reds to the white Baneberry. A Red Cardinal flower blooms during the summer and lasts into September. You could combine the Red Cardinal flowers and the pink of the Drummonds Phlox through the summer. To create a red and orange color scheme for the summer, combine Cardinals with Turk Cap Lilies. The incredible leaves near the base of the flower are green, yellow, and orange, and the blossoms are bright orange. The orange color gets darker as you move from the bottom to the petal's outer tips. Either pink and red or orange and red will show brilliantly again lush green shrubs and leaves.

Compliment Fall Colors
As leaves turn color in the fall, you might consider planning colors complimenting the trees' reds, yellows, and oranges. The Red Cardinals, for example, will last through September. Choose colors that might look pretty against the earthy browns of fall, too. Add some annuals like Mums that come in deep, brilliant fall colors. To guarantee some bright color, consider Sourwood seedlings. They flower in the summer and give you a wide variety of colored leaves in Autumn. You might get purples, yellows, or reds.
Make a Plan
Choose your blossom colors with your seasonal color plan in mind. Whether you want to stick to a couple of colors for each season or include every color of the rainbow throughout the growing season, consider when and for how long flowers bloom and choose the blossom colors you want to have.