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~April 20, 2017   Kathy said:

This is just a quick note to let you know my first bluebells are now flowering. I am so very pleased! I have wanted some for YEARS, and now I finally have some. I am looking forward to watching them spread and multiply in the coming years. 

Thanks again. They all arrived moist, healthy, and just beginning to send up shoots of fresh growth. Now I have pink and blue flowers!



~December 14, 2017   Marsha said:

I just ordered 3 fern grab bags to go along with the bluebells for when the bluebells go dormant...I am sure I will.  I have ordered from you before and I have always been very pleased.  Attached is the “bed” I am going to put the bluebells and ferns in. 






Marsha flower garden




1-19-18 Linda Farley

My order of Virginia Bluebells arrived within a week, in excellent condition, ready to plant- this was important because I only had a brief window in Fall to get them planted. Jackie was particularly helpful and responsive, I appreciate her support very much. Looking forward to Spring! Linda


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