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We Donate Plants



We are working hard to help give back to the environment. Forest fires and other acts of nature have destroyed hundreds of acres of woodlands.

Native plants are being destroyed every year and we want to help provide them to areas that are not as fortunate and help save these native plants.

We ship a variety assortment of plants, guaranteed to impress your landscaping. 

Disclaimer** Plant availability will be different depending on what we have in the stock, this is an example of what we could send: We ship live moss, fern plants, and ground covers all year so these are great possibilities they will be in your free plants shipped to you. Bushes, evergreens and trees ship from November Through Mid-April.


If you are from an environmental company, university, governmental organization or simply manage your own website or blog, we would love to ship you live FREE plants.  that works best for you -- or create your own if you prefer. Gardeners and business in our niche are perfect candidates.

If you are not in the qualifying categories but are still interested in our donation program, please send us an email to see if your origination set up.