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Native Ground Covers

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What are the benefits of planting native ground covers? 

1. An aspect that is seen as the most important for ground cover is its ability to remain at ground level while its roots hold on tightly to the soil.

2. With a native ground cover like the wild ginger, evergreen ginger, and pachysandra, there are many benefits from having them in your garden. 

Gardeners have many options when it comes to ground cover plants. Ground cover plants can be used in all areas of your garden, no matter how much or how little sunlight there is. 

Native Ground Covers Help Prevent Erosion

The first and foremost benefit is their ability to prohibit erosion from occurring. This is accomplished right from the time that they begin to thrive no matter where they are planted. As the plants grow, their roots entwine with the soil to maintain a firm grasp.

Water Conservation

A ground cover easily allows you to conserve water and use it for other purposes. Conservation is accomplished by preventing evaporation from occurring. This also helps the soil perform efficiently for itself, thus not needing the use of much water. This will help revitalize and recharge your yard or garden’s soil. A few great native ground covers are the Mitchella Repens and English Ivy.

Are native plants naturally pest repellent?

 Having ground cover in your garden and yard efficiently acts as a natural pest repellent. Your yard and garden will remain protected long as you have it around because of a specific scent that gets released. This scent is what deters larger pests from causing unwanted havoc.

Ground Covers Have Rapid Growth Rates

Ground cover is known for its rapid growth, and once they have become rooted, they can quickly overtake areas and spread to barren areas. Any ground cover will work correctly for this, and it can take a single season for this to occur. This quick growth can easily save you money by not having you go out and purchase several other plant types to fill in the gaps.

Excellent Source for Eliminating Weeds

When your garden or yard is weed-free, you can easily enjoy the beauty that it was initially designed for. Having ground cover provides this benefit, which is why they have always been the best choice for it. With so many choices available, you will be able to enjoy the rewards that come along with them quickly. Not only will weeds be eliminated, but you’ll enjoy the colorful flowers that spring up every year.

 As you contemplate the use of ground cover, you need to ensure that it is an invasive type, so those weeds will have no chance of surviving.

 Plus, ensuring that the native ground cover flowers will look beautiful will give a distinct attractiveness to the location after making the area home.

When you bring a native ground cover to your garden, you are adding the best choice possible for water conservation, weed control, pest repelling, and erosion prevention. You will instantly enjoy these and many other benefits that go beyond the garden, which can also easily benefit the environment as a whole.