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Turk's Cap Lily

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USDA Zones 5-8

Product Description

Turk's Cap Lily

The Turk's cap lily flowers are unique and gorgeous. These flowers grow to a nice size, and each one has six luscious petals. The petals have a sleek curve and appear to reach upwards as though seeking the warmth of the sun. The leaves near the base of the flower are a glorious combination of green, yellow and orange. As the petals of the Turk cap lily reach the center, they become bright orange flowers. The orange color becomes a bit darker as it proceeds to the tips of the flowers petals.

The Turk's Cap lily grow best in USDA zones 5-8.

There are several excellent purple dots with a brownish hue near the throat of the orange flowers that accent with beautiful antlers. The antlers vary from a brownish red to black and add a sense of stately elegance to the lovely blooms. The stigma surrounded by the antlers has a slight upward curl and is a whitish orange color turning to brown as it nears the tip. When the Turk cap lily flowers are in bloom, they become the delight and pride of any garden. The orange flowers contain little seedpods that are very close together. While the wind blows, the seedpods wings allow them to soar like a butterfly.

Turk's Cap Lilly (Lilium superbum) plants are started by planting bulbs instead of seeds.

These bulbs provide the growing power for the entire plant to sprout from the ground and have beautiful blooms during the late season. Each bulb should be planted 5 to 6 inches beneath the surface of your growing medium. After directly sowing the bulbs, water them in generously to help them root and grow. They prefer partial sun exposure and well-drained soil. A garden trowel makes it easy to plant these bulbs, and the flowers are well worth it. Turk Cap Lily bulbs can be planted in zones 5 to 8 in the USA.


The Turk's Cap Lily is shipped bare root.

  • USDA Zones 5-8
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Customer Reviews
5.0 Based on 5 reviews
  • 4
    Turks Cap Lily

    13th May 2021 Reviewer: Aaron Young

    Nice, healthy little bulbs arrived in the mail just in time for planting out. Limited planting and care instructions were provided in the packaging. I have a lot of faith that these bulbs will grow into great flowers by the summer.

  • 5
    Turk's Cap lily

    2nd Mar 2021 Reviewer: Kathleen Reynolds

    As with all the previous products I've ordered from this nursery, these are just exceptional bulbs, clean and full, just showing the tiniest piece of stem wanting to start growing. There were 4, all just perfect I put them in a pot and will store them in garage until able to put them outside in a couple months.

  • 5
    Turks Cap

    19th Mar 2020 Reviewer: Lee

    Great customer service. Product arrived in great condition, just waiting for them to grow

  • 5
    Turk's Cap Lily Bulbs

    11th Sep 2019 Reviewer: anonymous

    Look no further. Native wildflowers plant nursery has a lot of these babies and can fill big large quantity order for you. TRUST ME

  • 5
    Big nice bulbs

    11th Sep 2019 Reviewer: Jackie

    the bulbs are big and seem to be super healthy. I hope they will grow very well this Spring.

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