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Flowering Groundcovers

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  • Creeping Purple Phlox has a vibrant blue/purple color.
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    Creeping Phlox

    USDA Zones 3-9

  • Drummonds Pink Phlox is a low maintenance ground cover.
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    Drummonds Pink - Phlox Subulata

    USDA Zones 3-8

  • Crimson Beauty is a fast growing ground cover that add a beautiful foliage to any area.
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    Phlox Subulata - Crimson Beauty

    USDA Zones 4-8


Flowering plants have always been the top of the gardening arena. After all, who doesn't like beautiful flowers? There's nothing like the colorful display of mother nature's blooms. Flowering groundcovers gives our planet a degree of pulchritude. To top off this idea, let us not forget about the scientific and health benefits involved in horticulture. Plants bring many helpful additives into our lives; sometimes, unbeknownst to us! 


 Have you ever wondered that the choice you make for a ground cover should have scientific and health benefits, not to mention the beauty aspect? Well, some plant ground covers not only flower with pleasant, artistic interests but provide quality enhancements to your backyard or garden. For instance, flowering ground cover plants hold down the soil. They prevent erosion, which is essential during heavy rainy seasons. Moreover, they stabilize the soil when it comes to sloping ground areas in your backyard. They provide an alternative to constant mowing, and hold back on the weeds which seem to pop out of nowhere!


 You might not know this, but there are over 150 flowering ground cover plants. Some are undoubtedly low maintenance, which is good if you cannot continually keep abreast of your garden. Some ground cover plants are edible, too. I'll be you never thought of that! Take the flowering low growing plant known as the Creeping phlox. It is not only herbaceous but a true perennial. It can be grown from the Mid Atlantic states right down to Northern Georgia. Some populations of this beautiful ground cover plant can be seen as far north as Quebec! This plant is a bounty of pulchritude, and a gift from woodlands, and mountainous areas. You can see this beautiful flowering plant in rock gardens and as a creeper in stone walls. This member of the Plantae Kingdom will not disappoint you.

Another beauty to mention is the Creeping Thyme plant. It blooms in a variety of colors, and even displays a rainbow species. The creeping thyme is impressive. It spreads quickly and is a perfect lawn substitute. Use this plant around stepping stones, or pavers. It is a delight. Creeping Thyme can even tolerate a few people walking on it. How's that for a low maintenance plant? Use this plant as a pretty border around tree trunks. It can tolerate quite a bit of sun, as well. It only grows about 2 to 4 inches. So, no competition for other plants in the area. Now, if you care about the environment, Creeping Thyme is the way to go. It attracts bees. This is good because we need these insects to pollinate our crops. Bees have been subject to viruses and other ailments if you see a bee hovering over Creeping Thyme, smile!


 When you dress up your backyard, you are becoming a naturalist. People who believe in the wonderment of nature are our guardians of the planet. Also, those who plant food or flowers are keeping the landscape going! If you plant, you believe in the hopes and dreams of tomorrow. That is a jolly good thing.