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Pine Trees

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Benefits of Using Pine Trees in Your Landscaping Design

Whether you are planning a landscape design from bare dirt or changing one that already exists, pine trees will provide many benefits to consider. The wide variety of trees in this group make them the perfect option for many different yard sizes and styles.

Benefits of Pine Trees in Your Yard

1 - Pines is Evergreen

Unlike most trees, these keep their green needles all year long. This creates more visual interest during the winter months in cold climates. Most do shed their needles at some point, especially long-needled varieties, but there is no bare period before new growth begins.

2 - Pines Provide Privacy

Because the trees are evergreen, privacy is assured any time of the year. They make an excellent wall of green due to their relatively close branches that can reach the ground. These are good reasons that many people choose to plant this type of trees at the corners or edges of their property. They can even form a hedge surrounding it if kept appropriately trimmed.

3 - Pines Can Be Fast Growing Trees

Some varieties can grow a foot or more every year. This makes a more significant impact in your landscaping design more quickly than other tree species. It also helps create privacy or backdrops for other plantings when you want them.

4 - Many Varieties of Pines Exist

Although all are evergreen and have needles instead of leaves, pines come in a wide variety of species. They can be relatively short, incredibly tall, wide or narrow, have long or short needles, and have different size cones as well. Our best selling pine trees are the White Pine, Loblolly Pine and Virginia Pine.

People have chosen evergreen trees like pines for the landscaping design for centuries.

The various types lend themselves to creating privacy, adding year-round visual interest, and proliferating to create a more mature garden design as soon as possible.