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Ground Covers

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Ground Covers

Groundcovers are prolific across regions, soil types, and climates. Wherever you are in the United States, you will find an attractive and suitable ground cover for your landscape. Low growing cover plants are especially valuable in clay soils and soils. When planted in clay soils, low-growing plants soak up excess water. Their root systems help break down compacted soils and improve overall soil quality. Since many ground cover plants offer small blossoms, striking foliage, and easy maintenance, they are often planted in areas where other plants fail to thrive.

When planted in loose and porous soils, vines and low-growing plants prevent soil erosion and reduce dust. They also bring xeriscape gardens and other drought-tolerant landscapes a much-needed sense of vibrancy. Drought-tolerant covers like succulents or ornamental sage have a clumping growth habit that adds dimension to flat landscapes. They also break the monotony of a straight pathway or a bare home foundation.

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Ground cover plants also provide texture and foundation to beds and container plantings. Annuals like sweet potato vines offer a shocking lime green foliage that offsets orange tones. Perennials like English ivy, holly or Oregon grape offer dark, glossy leaves that complement red flowering plants and winter landscapes.

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Groundcovers can be trained to grow upward or to stay on the ground thanks to their flexible root systems. Arbors, fences, gazebos and other hardscape objects benefit from vines and covers. Vines act as an integrating medium that pulls together various parts of a landscape and softens hard edges. Choose a vining plant or cover that appeals to different aspects of your garden or landscape. There are a wide variety of foliage and flowering textures, colors and growth habits from which to choose. Our best sellers are the Wild Ginger, Creeping Phlox and wild iris.