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 Trillium Flower Bulbs

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Planting trillium bulbs in sheltered spots under towering trees in autumn results in the birth of a woodland wonderland shortly after the snow melts in late winter or early spring. Trilliums have a reputation in some circles as being finicky and difficult to grow, but establishing a thriving trillium population isn't a tough task if you follow a few simple strategies. Read on to find out more about helping these forest favorites thrive.

Trillium plants are native to the vast swaths of sylvan areas found in North America.

To get a solid idea of the conditions they need to be at their best, look at them in their natural state. For instance, the wildflowers sparkle among ferns in dappled sunlight, but you'll see no trace of them in deep, dense shade. They need a little bit of extra energy in the spring to produce that flower power, so consider planting them underneath deciduous trees is a great idea.

If you've seen trilliums in the wild, you've probably noticed how they ramble in flights of fancy through the woods, but if you look a little closer, their meandering makes sense. The plants are following the water, sticking with low-lying ground and becoming increasingly plentiful near streams and other waterways. Be sure to water your them often during their first year. After they're established, they should be able to get along on what nature provides except in times of severe drought. These flower bulbs also love rich organic matter, so plant them in maple groves or other areas where they'll get a lot of leaf mold. They're even remarkably resistant to pathogens and pests, so you won't need to use chemical controls to ensure their survival.

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Most all trillium grow best in partial to full shade and live for years to come. 

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