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Live Mistletoe

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Kisses under the Mistletoe! This novelty item is the sweetest thing...


Decorating with Live Mistletoe for Kissing and Selfie Fun
Decorating with mistletoe may seem old-fashioned, but the tradition has quite a history, and there are many ways to add mistletoe to home decorating. Everyone knows about kissing under the mistletoe, but most people don’t know where the tradition came from. So, decorate with mistletoe and be ready to share some history.
Eventually, hanging mistletoe and kissing under it became a Christmas tradition around the time of Dickens. It seemed to have started in the servant class but spread to the middle class after a while. Remember the party scene at the nephew’s house in “A Christmas Carol?”
There are many ways to decorate your home with live mistletoe to bring joy to every celebration. Add live mistletoe to your front door wreath. The green leaves and white berries accent a pine wreath perfectly. Combine sprigs with red ribbon and hang mistletoe throughout your tree for a beautifully natural look.
Join several sprigs together to create a mistletoe-kissing ball. Add some bright or plaid ribbon, small ornaments, or bells, and hang them over the fireplace. You can also hang some in doorways, on light fixtures or ceiling fans, and catch guests under the mistletoe for some kissing fun. Set up a kissing selfie corner for couples to capture their holiday kiss for social media. Keep this long-held tradition going.