Creating the Perfect Backdrop

Creating the Perfect Backdrop

Virginia Bluebell Photography

A lady called our plant nursery one day and said she was a photographer and it was becoming more popular for families to have photos taken in patches of wild Virginia Bluebells. First, let me brief you on exactly they are. The Virginia Bluebell is a perennial wildflower that grows wild in shady woodland areas in different parts of the Eastern United States. They have big green leaves with -literally- bell-shaped bluish blooms that appear in early Spring. Reaching heights of 1-2 feet, this flower is perfect for shady gardens planted with other flowers like Trillium.

So once these flowers are in full bloom, they make a breath-taking background for pictures. From senior images to full family portraits the outcome is always perfect. A local area not far from where we live is a Daffodil field where people from all around travel to make lasting memories. Now it can be done with the Virginia Bluebells as well.

A photograph can tell a million stories and bring back memories like nothing else on Earth. Start making your own, without having to spend a fortune to get it done. All you need is a small patch of woods or a shady area in your yard, and you are in business. You do not have to have the famous "green thumb" either. Just dig a hole, water, and you are ready to go!

Virginia Bluebells