​Live Mistletoe for a Decorative Pop This Holiday Season

Live Mistletoe for a Decorative Pop This Holiday Season

Few things are evocative of the Holiday Season as Mistletoe; the small green plant with white berries instantly screams Christmas. Be it a small sprig or a "kissing ball," Mistletoe commonly adorns an entry or doorway in many homes in the Western World. Most Holiday traditions predate those who carry them on, so let us take a look at the history of Mistletoe, talk about fresh versus faux and other aspects of this holiday foliage.


If you're looking for a unique and creative way to brighten up your home this Holiday season, consider ordering some live Mistletoe. While many companies make faux boughs or balls, they don't have the same look. If you have used them for a few years, they get dingy and dirty and can’t be brought back to their original look.

Mistletoe is thought to come to significance with humans around 3rd century with the Druids. Because Mistletoe will grow and thrive in winter, it was believed to be a cure for infertility. After a specific ritual, the berries would be made into a tonic that was believed to have the ability to cure poison and make anyone fertile. A Norse legend tells of the son of Norse god and goddess that was killed by a spear forged in the fire of Mistletoe. The goddess' tears became the berries, and she promised that the plant would never be used to harm another person.

Christmas Kisses

Much later, in the time of Dickens, the first mentions of Kissing under the Mistletoe came into the written record. "Kissing Balls" or "Boughs" Might have been decorated with ribbon, tinsel or bells. The folklore became that if a young woman were caught under the Mistletoe and refused a kiss, she would not be married the next year. It was customary for a berry to be pulled from the ball or bough after each kiss.

Buying live Mistletoe will certainly wow your Holiday guests and add another level to your decor. Try making a house "rule" like back in the olden days, have a berry-collecting contest or a "best-kissing selfie" competition. No matter what you decide to do with your live Mistletoe, it is sure to brighten up your Holiday gatherings, as well as be friendly for the environment. Do take caution around animals and small children though; live Mistletoe is better for households with older children and no pets.

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