Pine Trees Have Many Benefits

Pine Trees Have Many Benefits

Pine Trees Are Evergreen: They Make Living Fences, Provices Privacy and Gets Towering Tall

White Pine is a natural lovely pine tree. Its natural look is eye-pleasing because of its unique characteristics. It has a silvery look, long needles and it grows to the ground. Most pine trees don't grow lower than four feet up the tree. The white pine does. It also makes an excellent living fence for privacy because it gets large, up to 25 feet in height and has a spread of more than 15 feet at maturity. It's also a good faster growing tree. Overall, this evergreen tree has all the things one would want in a tree, evergreen, branches to the ground and snowy silvery color.

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The Loblolly Pine is another good choice. It is used in timber production and environmental groups plant them for timber harvesting every 5-10 years for income to pay for property bought. Wise farmers also grow these timber trees for supplemental income on land where they choose not to raise cattle or livestock.

The Black Pine is also an odd favorite. Its oddness comes from its twisted trunk. It never grows straight giving the rich that owns private estates a look that no one else has. It's also called the Australian pine. Its appearance is unique and those that desire not the run of the mill in landscaping.

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Spruce Pine is an excellent pine tree because of its emerald green appearance. It also gets enormous in height and width. It makes an excellent wind barrier tree and stays lush and green year round making it a magnificent tree to use as a living fence to protect storage buildings from strong front line wind speeds.