Partridge Berry Ground Cover

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Mitchella Repens Is A Festive Groundcover

Shady areas of the yard sometimes look dead and uninviting. It can be challenging to find something to plant in these areas. Some parts of the landscape may have large trees that let in a ton of light in the winter and spring, but when summer hits, they become almost dormant, and nothing seems to grow.

Partridge Berry Plants

Partridge Berry or Squaw Vine is a native perennial ground cover that will add interest to that not so attractive shady spot under the trees. It features a small, woody, trailing vine with 6 to 12 inch, thin, stringing stems. It is not a climber but spreads out on the ground. The stringers will root in node spots and continue to fill in space nicely.

The leaves sport a lovely dark evergreen year round. They are about a half an inch wide with light yellow leaf ribbing. Late in spring, little white flowers appear. The flowers will bloom into early summer. The flowers are loaded with scent and freshen up the whole yard. Later in the season, little red berries will appear to add even more interest. These berries will last all winter. They will invite a few woodland creatures and birds to come to visit, as they love to eat these berries.

The Partridge Berry (Mitchella Repens)

It thrives well in rich organic soils that are shady. It is indeed a winter show off. The dark green leaves with its red berries look so festive. Although the seeds will sprout two years after maturing, the best way to plant this ground cover will start will from one-year-old cuttings.

Once this ground cover is established and hardy, it is low maintenance and easy to keep under control. For an abundance of color and scent, the Mitchella Repens is an excellent groundcover for shady spots in your landscaping. Check with your local garden supply or use the internet to research and ensure that the Partridge Berry will thrive in your shaded areas. The once dull, lifeless areas of your landscaping will look more like a festive party when planted with this enchanting ground cover.

Mitchella Repens

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