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Trout Lily

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USDA Zones 3-9

Product Description

Trout Lily - Erythronium americanum

The Trout Lily, also known as the Dog Toothed Violet or Woodland Glory, is a beautiful, flowering plant that is native to eastern North America. The green and brown spotted foliage is said to resemble the markings seen on the Brown Trout. It is a perennial, which means there is a bulb that will regrow year after year with the proper care. The plant is known for it was medicinal benefits and was used to aid in wound care and healing by Native Americans.


Trout lily are unique plants you will want to add to your garden.

They do very well in groups and prefer areas ranging from full shade to partial sun. An area that is speckled with light through large trees would be perfect for this flowering beauty. This plant is an excellent choice if you are in need of a ground covering plant in areas that are very shady, or if you have low light areas that you would like to add a great pop of color to in the spring. One of the best features of this beauty is that it is usually flowering before most other perennials and even when it is not in its full spring bloom, during the summer and fall seasons, the mottled leaves of this plant are stunning in their own right. It only requires light to moderate amounts of water and prefers drier soil during dormancy. When spring arrives, these little treasures seem to pop up almost overnight and make their presence known.

Trout Lily grow best in USDA zones 3-9.

The downward facing, bell-shaped blooms can be cut and brought indoors for use in a vase or an arrangement. These magnificent plants, when left undisturbed, will form clusters or colonies on their own and are sure to make a fabulous prospect to your garden with its showy blooms of yellow or white in early spring.


The Trout Lily is shipped bare root.


  • USDA Zones 3-9
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Growing Zones:
  • Color: Yellow
  • Season: Spring-Summer
  • Height: 6-8 inches
  • Exposure: Partial - Full Shade
  • Ships As: Bulbs
  • Warranty: 1 Year
Customer Reviews
4.0 Based on 9 reviews
  • 4
    trout lily

    Apr 19, 2022 Reviewer: cindy

    nice sized bulbs, planted and waiting for next spring blooming.

  • 3
    Trout Lily

    Dec 31, 2021 Reviewer: Sheila P Eldridge

    In the future, please include planting instructions - how deep to plant. Thanks, Sheila

  • 5
    Erythronuim bulbs

    Mar 18, 2020 Reviewer: Kathy

    The order shipped right away and arrived very quickly. The bulbs were tiny and had begun to sprout but they look quite healthy. I planted them immediately and believe they will do quite well and become healthy plants.

  • 5
    Trout Lily

    Jan 21, 2020 Reviewer: Jackie

    These are the cutest little things. The bulbs were tiny but they ended up blooming beautifully

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