Fall Leaf Foliage

~NEW~ Fall leave foliage is hand selected for the most unique experience. We have colors of red, orange and yellow. Our leaves are perfect for crafts, scrap booking or simply to put on display. Using a special technique we preserve the leaves so they will not wilt or lose their color. These new items ship October through early December but customers can order year round to ensure availability. 

We understand that not everyone has the privilege of living in the beautiful county hills of Tennessee. The Fall season is so spectacular here that millions of people every year drive hundreds of miles to see the Great Smoky Mountains during this beautiful, colorful time of year. Why not experience these breath taking moments right from your home? We ship all over the USA and right to your front door. 

Whether you are an avid Pinterest expert or just someone who lives in an apartment in the city, you can enjoy these beauties just as much as we do here. Great for displaying in a shadow box to hang on a children's bedroom wall. They can also take it to school for a little "show and tell."