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Product Description

Sassafras Tree

 Attributes of the Sassafras Tree

The Sassafras tree, Sassafras albidum, is a fragrant, warm weather tree found throughout the American South where it is well-known for its striking fall foliage and shapely height. Suitable for a majority of landscapes, the sassafras is a sight to behold. Here are a few ways to integrate this lovely specimen into your yard or garden.

 Brilliant Foliage

 Sassafras yields an array of colors, from pink and orange to deep purple and scarlet Autumn leaves.

Setting this tree amid evergreen specimens makes the accented pop of gorgeous colors. The broad, deciduous leaves also contrast nicely against fine pine needles. This variety of texture and color is unrivaled making this tree great a beautiful choice for a Fall foliage tree.

 Sweet Sensations

 The tree's fragrant leaves have long held medicinal purposes, and the roots have been used to make beverages and other edibles. If you love a yard that attracts birds and wildlife, then this tree is for you. Showy yellow flowers appear in the spring. The tree's sturdy branches and dense crown provide habitat and winter interest. Combine these attributes with a unique fall display and each of the senses is satisfied.

 Low Maintenance

 With heights up to 60 feet and a 40-foot spread, these trees provide shade and elegance. They are pyramidal in shape with leaves between 4- to 8-inches wide. They seldom require pruning and are capable of withstanding drought. This keeps maintenance and upkeep reasonably low. They are also pest and disease resistant. Though the flowers yield colorful fruit in spring, the sweet drupes are rapidly removed by hungry wildlife.

 Highly Adaptable

 Though found primarily in the American South, this is successful in northern climates and is surprisingly tolerant of a wide range of soils. Loam, sand, clay and acidic soils are suitable for this tree as is full sun, partial sun, and even partial shade.

Sassafras is an outstanding tree.

 Whether planted along streets or highway medians or nurtured as multi-trunk shade trees or specimens in garden landscapes.


The Sassafras is shipped bare root.


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Customer Reviews
4.0 Based on 12 reviews
  • 5
    sassafras tree

    Apr 01, 2022 Reviewer: Phil Valentine

    Arrived fast, great condition and looks healthy.

  • 5
    Bare Root Sassafras Tree

    Mar 30, 2022 Reviewer: David Custer

    Roots were very well taken care of being packed in moist sphagnum moss. Shipping cart was large enough to protect and prevent mechanical damage.

  • 5
    Arrived very well packed.

    Mar 29, 2022 Reviewer: Lynn Means

    Looking forward to seeing these trees flourish! They are so hard to get, thanks for having them!

  • 4
    Good Experience

    Mar 28, 2022 Reviewer: Brian

    Fast shipping, well packaged and healthy tree. Nice root system and good size tree overall. My only disappointment was that the only limb was broken. Appears to have broken when being packaged, as the box was in great condition when it arrived. At least it wasn’t the main leader that broke. Overall great experience.

  • 2
    Sassafras seedling

    Mar 23, 2022 Reviewer: Friday

    This bareroot tree arrived with only about six inches of roots, and about 4' of whip. The shipping took six days. I trimmed the top, and planted it right away. I hope it survives.