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Tulip Poplar

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USDA Zones 4-9
Ships Late November 2022

Product Description

Tulip PolparLiriodendron tulipifera

With its single four-lobed leaf, the Tulip Poplar tree has an outstanding and nearly odd appearance. Thus, Poplar trees develop rather rapidly if planted in top damp soil and naturally grow at a high height - in the Eastern U.S.

 For more descriptions and actions in handling the Tulip Tree, consider this list:

These trees are easy to plant, merely put a tree in a 5-gallon size opening and place loose soil around it. Its root system is whitish-highlighted unsettled tissue with lively root hairs. After you finish covering the roots with the loose topsoil in the opening, you will need to sprinkle around 2 gallons of water into the dirt mixture — at that point, stuff it solidly. And, consistently use about 2 gallons of water each week as this will start the tree's leaf growing cycle which is the latter part of winter. During that time the temperature is roughly at 70°. 

The Tulip Poplar tree's wood is similar to white pine and will be used in a position when you will need more large boards.

The Poplar tree is an adorable fast developing shade tree that extends high. More seasoned trees can grow up to 165 feet tall. Be sure you have wet ground destinations in a thickly woody area. These trees favor natural surroundings, which helps it create fragrant looking blooms that develop tall in the tree. Also, the tulip tree's trunk usually is straight, and the branches are shaded out close to the lower portion of the tree. The delightful tulip-like blooms are chartreuse in shading with a splendid orange focus. The large leaves on the tulip poplar tree are continually in movement even in the smallest breeze. The trunk of the tulip tree is usually straight, and the branches are shaded out near the lower part of the tree.

Furthermore, for an extraordinary scenery result, the tulip tree can quickly develop and achieve an impressive height. Its fall branches form an administrator-settling place for larks and other natural life birds. Also, a pleasant, fast expanding tulip tree is perfect for providing shade along the roadside. Many people use the tree for different environmental settings.

During springtime, the Poplar tree is filled with fragrant lemon blossoms and molded like a yellow tulip. If you prefer having a radically decreased, electric bill, then you will love how the tulip poplar is cool for urban sceneries because of how it provides full shade. Just make sure you plant it on the Eastern or Southern side of a house.


Fast Growing Tulip Poplar Trees Online


In conclusion, during November, the softly green-hued leaves on the tulip poplar tree change to a beautiful lemon-yellow shading and remain noticeable among the most splendidly hued backwoods trees during the fall. Beautiful Tulip Poplar trees available!


The Tulip Poplar is shipped bare root.


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    Tulip poplar

    Apr 15, 2022 Reviewer: Kathryn Copley

    The tree was delivered on time. It was around 2 ft long including the root and was a bit skinnier(twig width) than I had hoped but no issue other than that.