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Indian Pink

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USDA Zones 6-9

Product Description

Indian Pink


The Indian Pink is one of the loveliest and most popular wildflowers native to the Southeastern United States. It is a shade-loving perennial that can flourish under leafy trees, neighboring homes, or in other less sunny locations. Also known as the Spigelia marilandica, it is part of the tropical Logania family and prefers relatively warm, humid climates. It is primarily suited for USDA Hardiness Zone 6-9.

 This native American wildflower can be seeded directly into the ground in the spring, though they can be slow-growing initially.

Gardeners will generally see the most blooms of the Indian Pink in May or early June, though it can continue blossoming in lesser quantities well into the summer.

It likes medium wet, well-drained soil, but is reasonably tolerant to dryer soil as well. It is excellent for gardeners looking to brighten up some darker areas of their garden, or as a border trim, but it can survive in sunnier spots as well, making it a versatile and hardy addition to any flowerbed.

 Indian Pink is an exceedingly pretty flower.

A favorite of hummingbirds and butterflies, should reach a height of about a foot to a foot and a half once it has achieved full growth. Mainly healthy specimens might get as tall as two feet. The flowers are long and tubular. Contrary to its name, are dark red on the outside and bright yellow on the inside. The inside of the petals is only visible at the very tip of the flower, where it flares out like a small star. The leaves of this plant are also an attractive dark green color and grow directly from the main stem. The plants tend to be found grouped in leafy bunches, with the flowers reaching upwards at the tip.

Indian Pink are shipped bare root and show no foliage at time of shipment.

  • USDA Zones 6-9
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Growing Zones:
  • Color: Red, Yellow
  • Season: Spring-Summer
  • Height: 24-30 inches
  • Exposure: Sun & Shade
  • Ships As: Root/Rhizome
  • Warranty: 1 Year
Customer Reviews
4.0 Based on 33 reviews
  • 5
    review of recent purchase

    Feb 24, 2023 Reviewer: William Brown

    Arrived in good condition with pertinent instructions. Received 4 roots which is an extra from order of three plants. Wish you all carried more natives such as asclepias tuberosa. Thank you.

  • 4

    Dec 09, 2022 Reviewer: Donna Burrows

    The roots arrived safely. Won't know for months if they will survive and grow. Also, I expected some kind of real planting info. Maybe a description of how far apart to plant them, for instance.

  • 5
    Indian Pink

    Oct 03, 2022 Reviewer: Richard Bak

    Arrived in great condition. Can't wait until spring.

  • 4
    Indian pink

    Aug 28, 2022 Reviewer: Ilene Greene

    Try to grow

  • 3
    Only 1 plant

    Aug 16, 2022 Reviewer: Kathleen

    I only got one plant. I had a nice number of healthy roots, and I hope it will sprout, but I ordered two, and the bag was marked "2." The second one was brown clump with no roots at all. I asked them to send me another, hopefully it will work.

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