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Iris Cristata

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USDA Zones 4-8

Product Description

Iris Cristata 

Dwarf Crested Iris is a wildflower that is native to areas in the United States. It has bluish purple blooms. This perennial is small but very attractive.

This small flower attracts hummingbirds and other friendly wildlife. Growing this plant in any of its native regions has no negative impact on the local ecosystem or wild life. This plant is endangered in Maryland and Pennsylvania. 

Iris cristata, commonly known as the crested iris or the dwarf crested iris, is a flowering perennial plant native to the eastern United States.

They can grow 6 to 9 inches tall (15 to 23 centimeters) and 6 to 12 inches wide (15 to 30 centimeters.) These plants can grow in calcareous soil, woodland soil, rocky ledges, or along streams. They appreciate full sun to partial shade. It makes for a great cover plant. This flower is well known for its unique crested flower. Their unusual shape, bright blue color and yellow crested accents make them a highlight to any flower bed.

 Best developed in naturally rich, medium dampness, all around depleted soils in full sun to part shade. Best to a limited extent shade. Will endure near full shade. On the off chance that developed in full sun, the dirt must be kept reliably wet. It expands well on very much depleted slants. This smaller person peaked iris is a slow-developing, quickly spreading plant that usually develops to 3-6" tall. It elements light blue, lilac or lavender iris blossoms with gold peaks on the falls. Blossoms are borne on short stems, regularly showing up about stemless. Tight, sword-formed, yellowish-green to medium green leaves (to 6" long) emerge from a system of stretching rhizomes.

Iris Cristata Spreads rapidly and shapes solid states in ideal developing conditions.


Local from Maryland to Oklahoma south to Georgia and Mississippi.

 Iris Cristata USDA Hardiness Zones 4-8


The Iris cristata is shipped bare root.

  • USDA Zones 4-8
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Growing Zones:
  • Color: Purple
  • Season: Spring-Summer
  • Height: 6-10 inches
  • Exposure: Sun & Shade
  • Ships As: Root/Rhizome
  • Warranty: 1 Year
Customer Reviews
5.0 Based on 5 reviews
  • 5
    Iris Cristata - native

    Apr 11, 2024 Reviewer: Cathy

    Arrived as scheduled and in great condition.

  • 5
    A must have

    Sep 28, 2023 Reviewer: Marjorie Wolson

    I live in Northern Virginia, near the Potomac River and was thrilled to find a nursery that had the wide variety of native plants that I was used to seeing in the woods around our home as a child. My order arrived in good condition in today's mail. I have planted them all in areas similar to where I remember them growing long ago. I really appreciate Native Wildflowers Nursery shipping my order in the correct season for planting. I have high hopes for a beautiful spring!

  • 4

    Mar 01, 2023 Reviewer: Sylvia Bocskor

    I recieved my order in pretty good time.....I was concerned becuse I didn't get any notification of shipping so I was pleasantly surprised when the box arrived. Good planting instructions came....wish there was more info on recievining them early and how to keep them until planting...However the bare roots looked in good shape and I planted them shortly. It liooks that with our early spring weather some of them are already growing.

  • 5
    Iris cristata

    May 18, 2022 Reviewer: Rita Mantel

    Roots arrived in good condition and have already started coming up.

  • 4
    Can't wait
    Apr 18, 2016

    Reviewer: Unknown

    It hasn't come up yet. Can't wait to see it