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Prairie Trillium

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USDA Zones 4-9

Product Description

Prairie Trillium

 The Prairie Trillium, Trillium recurvatum, is a small perennial wildflower that blooms in early Spring. It has little purple petals. This flower usually has three green leaf petals. The petals are recurved, with tips focalizing over the stamens. This is one of the first and most copious Trilliums to blossom in the spring. It develops to 12-18 inches tall and 8-12 creeps wide.

Foremost Characteristics: Most trilliums are local to forests and clean of North America. At the point when developed in gatherings or as once colossal mob, they make a rich understory planting in a forest or shady naturalized zone. Since they go lethargic in summer, plant trilliums with other shade-cherishing perennials to share their place until they return the accompanying spring. They grow best in zones 4-9.

Consideration: Provide fertile, damp, yet very much depleted soil with an impartial to acidic pH. Plant to a limited extent to full shade and give them a yearly mulch of rich natural matter.

 The Prairie Trillium is a ½-1¼ inch tall purple plant that branches off at the top of the central stem into three spreading leaves.

In fully mature plants the three leaves will surround one flower in the middle. However, if the plant is still immature, only the spreading leaves will be produced. In both mature and immature plants, these top spreading leaves are typically medium green and mottled with stray light and dark greens. Overall, the plant has three maroon petals, three green sepals, six stamens, and an ovary with three stigmata.

 The plant blooms anywhere from mid to late spring. After the 3 to 4 week blooming period, the plant will usually have a relatively long life for a plant. After about three weeks, the top flower will be replaced by a berry full of seeds. These berries are favored by various kinds of wildlife. It is a plant often grown and used for its medicinal qualities.

Prairie trillium live for several years so frequent replanting will not be required.


The Prairie Trillium is shipped bare root.



  • USDA Zones 4-9
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Growing Zones:
  • Color: Purple, Red
  • Season: Spring
  • Height: 6-8 inches
  • Exposure: Partial - Full Shade
  • Ships As: Root/Bulb
  • Warranty: 1 Year
Customer Reviews
5.0 Based on 8 reviews
  • 5
    Prairie Trillium

    Jan 25, 2024 Reviewer: Nina McGlade

    Bare roots are good and packaged well. My other Trillium from this company did well and is up now slowly spreading.

  • 5
    Purple Prairie Trilium and Hepatica

    May 01, 2023 Reviewer: Rita K. Gundry

    Both of these cultivars arrived in excellent shape with many roots that were quite moist. Most of the plants also had beginning growth at the base. A+ rating from me!

  • 5
    Prairie trillium

    Apr 18, 2023 Reviewer: Rachel Gragg

    Beautiful like my other trillium

  • 4
    The roots seemed vibrant and ready to spring forth.

    Mar 07, 2022 Reviewer: Prairie Trillium

    I cannot wait to see them bloom.

  • 4
    Prairie plant

    Apr 25, 2021 Reviewer: Nora Santos

    I planted the bare root on 4/15/2021 and it looks like it is starting to come out very slowly. I just hope it will survive.

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