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Real Mistletoe

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USDA Zones 3-12
Ships December 2024
As seen in the Pioneer Women

Product Description

Real Mistletoe

Get your Christmas decorations started with Real Mistletoe. This unique item comes with a custom red bow and is ready to use as soon as it arrives. There is no exact measurements and no two pieces are alike as these are real plants harvested from the tops of trees.

Long welcomed into homes during Christmas, mistletoe is a plant that grows in the branches of trees, including apple trees, lime, hawthorns, poplars, chestnuts, oaks, locusts, and firs.

Real Mistletoe is an evergreen that sports dense clusters of whorled, thick, leathery leaves.

Its flowers, which are tiny and yellow, are found on green, pointed stems. The plant grows to about a foot tall. The flowers bloom in early fall or at the very end of winter or the very beginning of spring. Male and female flowers are sometimes found on different plants. Flowers are followed by white, shiny berries that are favorites of birds especially cedar waxwings and bluebirds. Sometimes trees will hold great flocks of these birds as they feast on the mistletoe berries which are covered with a sticky substance that they relish. The seed found in the berries clings to the birds’ beaks and are disbursed when the birds sharpen their beaks against tree bark. That enables another mistletoe plant to grow on the spot. Mistletoe is a member of the Loranthaceae family. The plant is found mostly in tropical and temperate regions.

To help your live Mistletoe last longer, mist it with a light spray of water once per day.

 Why is mistletoe a symbol of Christmas? Some historians claim that the Druids, which were the priestly class of the ancient Celts, cut mistletoe which grew on a sacred oak and gave to people to use as charms. Other European people used mistletoe in their ceremonies. During Christmas, mistletoe is hung in a doorway, and anyone caught standing beneath it must forfeit a kiss.

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 Please keep out of reach of children and animals. Can be harmful if ingested. We recommend hanging it on the ceiling or porch for all who walk under to get the biggest KISS EVER!

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Customer Reviews
5.0 Based on 10 reviews
  • 5
    Woodland Wildflowers

    Dec 10, 2022 Reviewer: michael hepler-smith

    The woodland wildflowers, nine packets of six-eight each, arrived in excellent dormant condition. They were planted precisely as advised on your website. I over dressed them with fallen leaves and I am certain that these spring ephemerals will bloom, grow and spread as have all of my previous purchases from Native Wildflower Nursery.

  • 5
    Seen it in Pioneer Woman

    Nov 17, 2022 Reviewer: Live Mistletoe

    Live mistletoe is a great addition to our holiday decor. I see it listed in the Pioneer woman magazine… that’s so neat…

  • 5
    How cute

    Sep 02, 2022 Reviewer: Customer

    This Mistletoe made the perfect addition to Christmas decor. Thank you

  • 5

    Dec 23, 2021 Reviewer: Anne Dorney

    I'm delighted with the mistletoe. I have been unable to find it in my neighborhood for the last few years, so was very happy to see it for sale on line. I just gave it a fresh cut and put it in water and it stayed fresh and vibrant until I was ready to hang it up. Loved the Bible verse from St. Luke as well!

  • 5

    Dec 17, 2018 Reviewer: Joelle

    I received today the Mistletoe, it is very beautiful indeed, thank you. Happy Holidays