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Gardening Supplies

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Gardening Supplies

You already know that a large garden requires large tools, like a shovel and a long-handled rake. But a lot of gardening happens up close, in small spaces. Here are some of the most useful small tools you can buy. Add these to your collection and watch as gardening becomes a lot easier and a lot more fun.

1. Pruning Shears

You'll use shears every day if you're gardening. They prune overgrown plants, cut down roses and other perennials, clip a collection of flowers to make a bouquet, cut thorny plants and a hundred other things.

2. Potting Soil

The right potting soil can make all the difference when you're planting. Choose one that's rich in natural fertilizers that will help young plants get off to a good start and also keep older plants blooming longer.

3. Hand Rake

As you garden, you'll come across loose leaves, blades of grass and other gardening leftovers. Use your hand rake to keep your flower beds neat. A hand rake is also useful for clearing out loose weeds.

4. Hori-hori

Also called a Japanese gardener's tool, this handy item will help you dig, weed and plant bulbs. It's a combination knife and trowel, and many professional gardeners consider it their favorite tool.

5. Hand Trowel

This classic gardening tool has remained a favorite for generations. A hand trowel is ideal for digging small holes to plant starter plants, seedlings, flowers, and bulbs.

6. Pine Straw Mulch

Mulch is essential to keeping your plants healthy. It prevents weed growth, protects plants and helps the soil retain moisture. It also makes plantings look more visually appealing. Pine straw mulch is an excellent choice because it smells good and is environmentally friendly. It's made from pine needles that have already shed.

7. Gardening Apron

Now that you have a good collection of hand tools, how are you going to carry them around? A gardening apron with pockets will keep everything close at hand. It will also help protect your devices. You'll never wonder where you left your trowel or your gloves again.