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Rue Anemone

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USDA Zones 4-8
Ships Spring 2024

Product Description

Rue Anemone

Rue Anemone, Thalictrum Thalictroides is a Spring blooming perennial in the buttercup family. The Rue Anemone will rebloom year after year without having to be replanted. It is famous for its pink and white blooming flowers. This plant ships bare root year round.

This plant is a perennial flower that is native to eastern North America. It can be commonly found in woodland areas but makes a beautiful addition to cool landscape designs. This perennial flower blooms in the spring months and the flowers can be pink or white. Flowers emerge off of a stalk. Its stalk can have 1 to 6 flowers on it. The average flower size can reach up to an inch in width. The rue anemone plant grows to be 3 to 4 inches in height when fully mature. These beautiful flowers have a very soft looking appearance and can brighten up any shaded landscape that needs a pop of spring-time color. Rue Anemone grows best in USDA zones 4-8.

The Rue Anemone is a flowering plant native to eastern North America.

This plant is perennial, meaning it can survive more than five years before it needs to be replaced. Growing this plant in its native area has no negative impact on the local ecosystem or wildlife. Enemion biternatum (false rue-anemone) is often mistaken for this plant.

 Rue anemone grows best in partial shade and sandy soil. It tolerates full shade, dry soil, drought, and has no severe disease or pest problems. This plant can grow 6 to 9 inches (15 to 20 centimeters) in height and width.

Rue Anemone are small but lovely. Ships as bare root bulbs...


  • USDA Zones 4-8
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Growing Zones:
  • Color: White
  • Season: Spring
  • Height: 3-4 inches
  • Exposure: Partial - Full Shade
  • Ships As: Root/Rhizome
  • Warranty: 1 Year
Customer Reviews
5.0 Based on 4 reviews
  • 5
    Missing in Action

    Jul 13, 2023 Reviewer: James McCarthy

    I planted these in pots to get them started, but to no avail. I will plant in the ground, and hopefully they will come up in the Spring.

  • 5

    Apr 08, 2023 Reviewer: SJK

    Planted the roots in Sept 2022. I am happy to report my rue anemone are now flowering. They are beautiful! My other plants I ordered from here are also doing well!

  • 5
    So excited

    Feb 26, 2023 Reviewer: Kathleen

    I was so happy to find these, and the roots arrived looking super healthy. Can’t wait to see what they do!

  • 5

    Jun 28, 2022 Reviewer: Joyce lear

    Look super healthy