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Plant Warranty

One Year Gardening Guarantee On All Perennials, Ferns, & Ground Covers

No risk guarantee! Shop with confidence. All dormant stock is guaranteed to bloom, or we will replace it for free! Call or email us today with any questions or concerns.

 If a dormant plant does not bloom the following year/blooming season our warranty guarantees all plants for one year from the date of original order. If plants die within the one year, we will gladly replace them at our expense. However, to receive replacements, we MUST obtain pictures of the dead plants as proof for our records. No refunds. All Sales Final. However, if you receive plants of questionable quantity, or if it's the wrong plant you must notify us within five days by phone, e-mail, or in writing. If you do not notify us within this 5-day period, any plants that were the incorrect species, size or color will not be replaced.


PERENNIALS: If perennials are planted AFTER the first week of February they are not expected to show growth/bloom UNTIL the following Spring.


FERNS: Ferns planted AFTER the last week of March are NOT expected to show growth/fronds until the following Spring.


Succulents: All Succulent plants and combo assortments come with a 10 day guarantee. We guarantee they are in excellent condition and if for any ready they die within 10 days we will be happy to replace them. All succulents are shipped as live plants in small containers so growing and caring for these plants is easy and simple. 


IF you succulent plants arrive in poor/dead condition please notify us via email or phone within 3 days. Failure to notify us will make all replacements warranties null and void.



All trees and shrubs are guaranteed to Arrive Alive in excellent condition. If you have any problems with your plants when they arrive, please notify us with pictures of the trees/bushes within 3 days, and we will ship replacements to you at no additional cost. You must contact us within the 3 days or we will not be able to help with you trees.

One Year Extended Warranty: All trees and shrubs have an optional one year extended warranty available for purchase. This is a one year, one time replacement for your trees if they die (shipping not included). We will ask for a photo of you plants to verify they are dead. Once we receive the phots we will issue an in store credit to your account. This will be applied as a store credit only, to use to reorder your tree. The extended warranty must be purchased at the time of original order and can not be canceled or refunded at a later date. 


 All sales are final on all plant orders.