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Lawn Remodel On A Budget

Lawn Remodel On A Budget

Posted by Native Wildflowers Nursery on Jan 20, 2020

Lawn Remodel On A Budget

Spring is just right around the corner and all you can think about when you look at your landscaping is how you want to revamp its whole look. Now and then you might even find yourself picturing what it would look like if you had done some things differently. You're wanting your landscaping to have a different look and a better curb appeal but your not wanting to break the bank to do it. You're in luck because there are plenty of great ideas you can consider that won't cost you a small fortune. A little creativity can go a long way when it comes to sprucing up your landscape while sticking to a budget and the results can be just as rewarding.


These days, you can do so much with outdoor lighting and it's great because it's relatively inexpensive. Most outdoor lighting is either solar-powered or has LED lights which conserves immensely on an electric bill. Adding lights to your landscaping gives your front or back yard a completely new ambiance and can feel like a brand new yard. The right lights can be festive all year-round instead of just for the holidays and are great for parties no matter what the occasion is.


Adding some borders to your landscaping can give it a whole new finished and well-maintained look. Borders can be used along paths or just around flower beds and can be found at a price that won't set you back. Borders can be plastic and bought in rolls or you can build your border using pavers or even rocks to separate a path from the rest of your landscape. If your goal is to make your landscaping look more interesting while you get the most out of the space your working on, then seriously consider borders.

Crushed Stone

The price that comes with a lawn can be pretty costly at times especially during the summer months. The expense of the water it takes to keep a lawn looking healthy, the different fertilizers that have to be used as well as weed inhibitors for the lawn can add up pretty quick. By using some type of crushed stone or garden rocks such as river rock or pea gravel, you're able to cover a decent amount of space for a low price. Even if you weren't interested in covering the entire yard in stone, you can still use crushed stone and pavers to give certain areas of your landscape a decorative look.

Pallet Furniture

Not only does pallet furniture look great out in a garden or even just out on the patio or front porch but it is easy to build your own and won't cost you much if anything at all depending on where you acquire your pallet. Pallet furniture gives most outdoor living spaces more of a rustic feel and will be the perfect conversation starter when you entertain guests.

Contemporary Designs

To get some interesting layout designs for your landscaping, you don't have to hire a professional landscaper or architect. You can easily look for a contemporary design that you like and would work for the space you want to do it in, and simply recreate it. Add interesting focal points in your yard but cutting out shapes in planters. Use your imagination and have fun with this one because it's unlikely to go out of style anytime soon.

Revamp Your Patio

Make your patio brand new again just by changing the scenery around it a little. Add some funky outdoor furniture or an interesting plant or two. Revamping your patio can be pretty cheap to do or even free if your using stuff that you already have but have never thought to use on your patio before. If you have an old pallet laying around somewhere, stand it up vertically, tack on a few 1x4 boards to create planters on a vertical garden and plant shade perennials on your patio.

So there are just a few budget-friendly ideas to at least get you started with sprucing up your landscaping. There are plenty more ideas for landscaping your yard on a budget out there but while your working on one of the ideas listed here, you might just come up with your unique landscaping idea that was cheap or didn't cost you anything at all.