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Fern Grab Bag - 25 Ferns

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USDA Zones 5-10

Product Description

Fern Grab Bag - 25 Ferns Guaranteed to Grow


Not only are ferns easy to care for and maintain, they come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes so you can match or contrast them with the vegetation that is already in your garden or yard. Once you position them in place, they have tremendous longevity and require no watering and zero care.


Ferns For Sale


Wandering deer and rabbits won't consume ferns, and they are at very low risk from disease or typical garden pests. Ferns make an excellent ground cover and can be combined with other shade-loving plants such as hostas and caladiums to help make your garden look green, lush and verdant.


Wholesale Ferns Plants For Sale


Why pay a high price for ferns when you can buy them in bulk in this great package and save big? We will hand select different types of ferns (2-3 varities) for your collection. Although you can not customize which ferns you want we guarantee you will not be disappointed. Ferns are great for landscaping with other plants like perennials. They are also a great help in preventing and fighting soil erosion. Our ferns are shipped bare root as rhizomes and they are ready to plant when they arrive. Plant and water them and watch them grow. Please note that all Ferns planted after June 1st may not show growth until the following Spring. All ferns come with our 1 year guarantee. 


The Ferns are shipped bare root.

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    Fern Grab bag

    Feb 01, 2020 Reviewer: Unknown

    This was a good little selection of ferns when can't choose just one. Suprise suprise

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