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Sourwood Seedlings

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USDA Zones 4-9
Ships Late Fall 2022

Product Description

Sourwood Seedlings - Oxydendrum Arboreum

The Sourwood seedlings are excellent trees for Fall foliage. It flowers in the summer months and is one of the premier fall trees that offers a brilliant red leaves that can change to even more dazzling coloring in the autumn. As fall trees are considered, the Sourwood Tree is one of the top trees for color offering a variety of purples, yellows, and reds as it peaks in the fall foliage season. It is not unusual to see hues of all three colors on the tree at the same time in the autumn season.

The tree reaches a height of around 25- 30 feet at its maturity. The span of the tree is about 20 feet. While a gorgeous and diverse tree, it is considered a slower growth tree.

Sourwood trees have a habitat from Virginia to northern Florida and west from Kentucky and Tennessee to the Appalachian trail up through Ohio, Pennsylvania and Indiana.

It is found along the coasts of Mississippi and Louisiana. It is an excellent tree for well-drained slightly acidic soil, and they grow best in full sun or partial shade. It is a hardy tree and not as inclined to pest problems as some of the other tree species. These seedlings are hardy in zones 5-9 and can reach 20-50 feet at full maturity. This flowering tree grows best in full sun.


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The Sourwood Tree is shipped bare root.

  • USDA Zones 4-9
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