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Pine Cones

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Pine Cones Pack of 10


What's a Pinecone?


Everyone knows what a pinecone looks like, but you may not know much about them. Pinecones are the reproductive organs of pine or conifer trees. Conifer means cone-bearing, and the tree category includes cedars, firs, cypresses, and redwoods. Some trees have male pinecones, some female, but most have both. The male version is smaller and makes pollen that pollenate the more prominent female cones. When the female cones open in the spring, they disperse the seeds needed for new trees. You see cones everywhere at this time of year because many tend to come down with fall winds. You can use beautiful cones for home decorating and crafts.


Pinecone Décor


A pretty bowl or basket full of cones makes a nice Thanksgiving table centerpiece. They come in various sizes and are a wonderful symbol of fall but can be enjoyed throughout the year. The largest cones can decorate a shelf all by themselves. Combining an attractive basket or artistic ceramic or glass bowl with pinecones on the mantel or a hall table is a great decorating idea. For a floor display, get a tall clear glass vase and fill it with pinecones. If you want a terrific hostess gift, a basket of cones with a big bow would be appreciated by anyone. For the holidays, use a glue gun to assemble cones on a wooden or wire wreath base, add some ribbon, a bow, or other holiday trim for the perfect door wreath.


If you put up a Christmas tree, decorating a fir tree with pinecones couldn't be more natural. Use them as they are or spray paint them in white, silver, or gold. You can use white glue to add glitter, sequins, or mini poms to the outer tips. Add ornament hooks and hang them on the tree, fresh wreath, or any other greenery you have displayed in the house. Add them to holiday flower arrangements, too.

 Miniature cones can be as small as ½ inches long and are great to use in candle displays. Place a fat candle into a clear glass bowl or jar and add small cones between the candle and the outer glass. Add cones to wooden napkin rings using a glue gun. Paint them, use them in their natural state or do some of each. You can also glue the little ones on a picture frame or mirror for a unique gift.

 Kids' Activities

 Children love to paint pinecones and add glitter, but many other kids' craft projects involve pinecones. If you put up a snow scene in your home, have them create small Christmas trees for the display. Another great activity for the kids is feeding the wild birds. Have them dab peanut butter on the tips of the cones and roll the cones in birdseed. Add a pipe cleaner as a hanger to hang them in trees to attract winter birds. You'll find other pinecone crafts for kids online, including making miniature Christmas trees and Rudolph reindeer figures.  

 In the Fireplace


Add pinecones to your home or outdoor fireplace or wood stove and listen to the pops and crackles. 


The greener the cones are, the more noise they make, so dry them thoroughly if you don't like the crackling. You can create cones that burn in colors by soaking them in various salts. You can also dip them in wax to make great fire starters. Use old candles or crayons.

 Get some pinecones and have some fun. Use your imagination and come up with your pinecone ideas. There's no end to the magic of pinecone decorating and crafts.


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    Pine Cones

    Jan 09, 2024 Reviewer: Rose Bailey-Hammock

    Nice selections. However, they were small.

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