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Fast Grow Planting Soil

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Product Description

Fast Grow Planting Soil

Fast grow planting soil help your plants grow up to 40% more quickly. Our potting soil is excellent with any and all our plants. Great for adding health and quality.


Benefits of Organic Potting Soil
The soil consists of a mixture of various minerals, organic ingredients such as decomposed plants, and air. The composition of the soil has a great deal to do with how well the plants in it can grow. Soil that is lacking in some of the nutrients that plants require will produce spindly, stunted plants that may die before they reach their full potential. The same is true of soil that is too tightly compacted so that air and water cannot enter the plants' roots. Some soils also contain toxic chemicals that can affect the plants, things like pesticide and herbicide residues that become a part of any plant growing in such soil.


The organic potting soil is the ideal solution to such problems. It's natural, which means that it doesn't contain any human-made chemical residues that can be harmful to plants, people, or pets. This is especially important if the soil is being used for container gardening where food is grown, but it's also important because it ensures that gardeners and their families won't encounter any poisons in the soil they're handling.


Using quality organic potting soil is also highly beneficial to plants because it's carefully balanced to meet the needs of growing plants. The ground is loose enough to allow air to reach the roots of the plants growing in it. This soil also contains a complete balance of nutrients that plants need, providing them with everything they require to develop well. People sometimes think that all plants need is dirt and water, but that's not true. They must have sufficient quantities of minerals from the soil, such as iron, magnesium, phosphorous, zinc, and copper. An excellent balanced potting soil contains all these and more, giving plants the ability to grow into full, lush, beautiful specimens that are the best that they can be.


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    Lightweight LOVE IT

    Feb 01, 2020 Reviewer: AR

    This potting soil is light weight and we love it. Great for all my flowers or small trees. Will be buying more