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Hills of Snow Hydrangea Seedlings

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USDA Zones 3-9

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Hills of Snow Hydrangea Seedlings 

Planting a flowering shrub in your yard adds interest to any home’s landscape. Our Hills of snow, Hydrangea arborescens, Seedlings (also known as smooth hydrangeas or wild hydrangeas) mature into beautiful bushes that grow quickly and prolifically. Our plants will produce large, showy blooms of white six-to-eight inch flower heads. Depending on how well you care for your seedling, your shrub can bear flowers so large they bend their stems. If you are interested in adding this showstopper to your garden, note that this species thrives in the Eastern region of the United States. These flashy hydrangeas can grow to over five feet tall, making them ideal for hiding exposed house foundations and adding height to a shady or partially sunny garden.

Plant Hills of snow Seedlings as borders for walkways and along sidewalk edges, creating a natural privacy wall. 

Busy homeowners will appreciate this hardy shrub’s natural low maintenance, as it is fairly pest and disease resistant. Because they are perennial plants, their stout bark and branches can be cut back each winter, encouraging hardier stem and blossom growth. Gardeners need only to trim back dead or damaged stems once the shrub is established.

Be sure to water your seedlings frequently, mainly if they are planted in sunny spots. As your seedling matures, consider adding mulch around your shrub’s roots; this helps keep the soil moist. Check that air is circulating and allowing the root system to drain. For those interested in using your mature plant for cut flowers, just remove the first blooms of summer and hang to dry or place fresh into a vase with water. Once the plant matures, it may send out suckers to propagate itself. You can dig this plant up and replant them in other spots of your yard, making this plant a long-lasting, valuable investment.

This flowering shrub is great in shady landscapes. Dark green leaves background bold white blooms that last for up to 8 weeks. 


The Hills of Snow Hydrangea is shipped bare root.

  • USDA Zones 3-9
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