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Native Plants

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Native Plants 

If you're looking for an eco-friendly way to create a gorgeous landscape, then consider native plants. When you choose this option, you're not only helping the environment but also enjoying a colorful and lush variety of plants. Native plants will give offer you many possibilities for creating dramatic or natural settings in your yard.

Why are Native plants the perfect choice for woodland gardens?

1. Planting natives provide a healthy habitat that will encourage beneficial wildlife to thrive and grow. You'll be amazed at the array of birds, butterflies, and other exciting creatures that visit your garden when you plant the right kind of natives.

2. Your green space can help restore the biodiversity that is vital to he environment, and you'll love watching the pollinators like bees and hummingbirds in your yard.

 3. These plants are also a great choice if you want to save money.

Natives typically don't require excessive amounts of water, and they quickly adapt to environmental conditions. Fern plants are a perfect example of drought tolerance. Once a landscaper plants them, the natives will require very little upkeep and increase to provide you with a stunning soft scape. You won't need to use toxic chemicals to kill pests since many natives have defense systems against harmful insects.

 Do native plants have benefits for animals?

 When it comes to the kinds of native plants that are available, you'll have plenty to pick from no matter where your home is. Whether you want a garden retreat or a well-manicured front yard, natives offer the opportunity to create your dream landscape. Choose from beautiful ferns, mosses or perennials that are bursting with color. The Virginia Bluebells and Indian Pink are some of our best sellers. Your yard can host an extensive palette of colors all year when you plant the right mix of natives. When you're ready for a budget-friendly but beautiful new landscape, then consider planting natives.